Welcome to Twister6 Review page!

Many of you are probably familiar with my review work of various audio gear I post on Head-Fi, TheHeadphoneList, XDA-Developers, AndroidForums, and Amazon, as well as reviews of tech gadgets and smartphone/tablet accessories I shared on XDA and AF.  After the last few years of trying to keep everything in sync and posting and replying across so many different communities, I decided it’s time for me to start my own blog where I can organize everything in one place – the place which I can call “home”.

I will continue posting my reviews and impressions across different communities, but twister6.com will be a common blog to keep everything organized in one place, to archive all my work, and to share with you more than just reviews but also first “out of the box” impressions, announcements about upcoming reviews, and combination of not just audio gear but also other tech gadgets I get my hands on!

By request of some of my readers, I’m adding Donate button for anybody who is enjoying this review work and would like to support Twister6 site.

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