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I review, therefore I am.  That pretty much summarizes me and my personal nature of curiosity when I test and compare different audio gear.  Prior to reviewing, my other full-time hobby was “bedroom” music production, fulfilling my dream of working with and remixing some of the artists I grew up listening to.  Eventually, it evolved into me becoming more interested in audio gear used while monitoring the sound during production, and I made my leap into Head-fi world.  Along the way, I made a stop at AndroidForums and XDA-Developers where I contributed reviews as well, but only to realize that audio gear is my true passion.  In 2016 I started Twister6 site, just like my screen name, and the rest is history.  I’m still a very active Contributor on Head-fi site and have hundreds of my reviews mirrored between Tw6 and HF because it is not just about posting a review, but also being able to interact with my readers.

Also, I’m fortunate to be joined by friends who are part of the team, writing reviews on Tw6 and the reason why the site name was changed to “Twister6 and Friends Reviews”.

Author: Animagus

A professional musician, songwriter, record producer and audio engineer who likes to indulge in everything music – be it guitars, amps, studio or audiophile gear. Being an audio engineer and fascinated by audio technology, he is on an adventure of finding the most interesting products with the best sound, tech and value for money.

Author: Wyville

Fascinated by the effects of sound quality and signature on human psychology, I am the willing subject of my own experiments.

Author: VishnuSiddharth

This hobby has been quite a rewarding journey, as there is always something new to learn and so many great gear to explore. As a community, we should strive towards approaching what sounds right, and making good sound accessible/affordable for as many people as possible.


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