Ohuhu IEM/CIEM (watch) organizer

Available directly on Sale from Amazon: Ohuhu 12-slot Watch Box and Ohuhu 20-slot Watch Box.

This product was provided to me free of charge for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion.


After my recent discovery and review of Whitmor organizer boxes which I adopted for storage of my earphones, cables, and portable DAP/DAC/amp, I thought that I finally found an ultimate solution to get all my audio gear sorted out. It was convenient, but at the same time lacking cushioning for some of my “delicate” earphones. This storage solution was good for keeping them organized in one place out of small individual cases, but not exactly the most elegant display of TOTL flagship IEMs/CIEMs. After that review, I few people suggested to look into watch boxes as another solution for earphone storage, and I decided to continue my search until I came across Ohuhu leather Watch Boxes.

At first I was skeptical about this product due to a rather low price, but decided to give it a benefit of a doubt and contacted their on-line store to find out if I can get a review sample for testing. I noticed there were 2 available models, one with 12 sections and another with 20 sections partitioned between top/bottom drawers. I thought it would be fun to review them both, and within a few days received two securely packed boxes in the mail. I was pleased with a thicker padding of the packaging, especially since I didn’t know if it comes with a real fragile glass built into the top lid cover. I also assumed that for such low price I shouldn’t expect genuine leather.

Ohuhu 12-slot Watch Box.

Starting with their 12-slot leather watch box model, you will find a rather compact 12” x 8” x 3.5” box covered in soft PU leather material and white stitches around corners and display window. It’s definitely not genuine leather but a polyurethane (PU) synthetic material, though it still felt nice and soft to the touch with a neat stitching around it. What I especially like about the design was the lid which features a clear window made out of durable polycarbonate (PC) material. The description of the box said “clear glass” which could be fragile, but in reality this is PC clear panel with a glass-like clarity and high impact resistance. The lid is secured with a metal latch which compliments a classy look of the box.

With a lid up you don’t have to worry about it flipping over since there is a secure ribbon on the side to keep the cover at 90deg when the box is open. In theory, you don’t even need to open the cover to see what’s inside because of its clear window. Inside, you will find 12 partitions in 2×6 arrangement with everything covered in a soft felt material to protect watches from scratches. Each partition is approximately 3.5” x 2” and has a soft removable pillow intended to keep your watch or bracelet in an upright position. For my use I didn’t need these “pillows”, so they were removed, leaving open 12 equally spaced sections to house earphones.

Next, I discovered another pleasant surprise. The partitioning inside of the box is removable, and you have sturdy thick carton dividers covered in a soft felt material. All 5 vertical dividers and one long horizontal divider are removable and you can re-arrange the partitions to double or triple each pocket size. For majority of my IEMs/CIEMs I found the default opening of 3.5” x 2” to be sufficient, but for some with thicker cables I had to remove the partition divider to double the opening. Depending on your collection of earphones, you can have 12 default pockets, or 6 large pockets, or combination of default and large ones. For example, I found the ideal arrangement for me is to have 8 default pockets and 2 large pockets. I do have a lot more earphones, but only use a handful in constant rotation, so this was perfect for my needs. Earphones were placed safely inside of the pockets, I had an easy view of everything at a glance with cover open or closed, and the box itself looked beautiful anywhere I chose to place it.

Ohuhu 20-slot Watch Box.

The second box from Ohuhu I got a chance to review had 20-slots, but those were split between two stacked drawers with 10 storage slots per each. This storage leather box had an identical finish with soft PU leather covering the exterior, and a glass clear and impact resistant viewing window built into the cover lid. You will also find a neat white stitching all around the box. Due to a different design with 10 slots per drawer, the footprint of the box is 11” x 8” which is a little shorter in comparison to 12-slot one, but at the same time the height went up from 3.5” to 6.5” due to a second drawer. Inside you will find similarly partitioned pockets, 3.5” x 2” in size and filled with soft removable pillows for watch and bracelet storage which I removed right away.

You will also find the same thick carton felt covered removable partition dividers which you can re-arrange to expand the storage pockets. The top drawer is visible through a window built into the lid and the cover itself stays open thanks to a ribbon on the side which keeps it from flipping backward. Also, instead of a latch you get a metal lock with a key. I almost missed the key which was hidden underneath of one of the removable pillows. The bottom drawer also has 10 sections and removable partition to re-shape the pockets, but the content of that drawer is not visible until you slide it out by pulling on a handle.


I’m always a firm believer in “you get what you paid for”, thus I was expecting a cheap quality box that only looks good in Amazon listing pictures. After spending some time testing these Ohuhu Watch Boxes, it turned out to be surprisingly good. The “leather” is a decent quality PU material, the stitching is neat, the display window has a strong and clear PC panel, the partitioning could be rearranged to expand the storage pockets, everything inside is lined with a soft felt material, and you get a choice of either 12-slot box ($15.99) or 20-slot double stack box ($27.99). I definitely have no problem recommending it!

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