First look at Opus#2

Available on Amazon (HERE) already!!!  Sold by MusicTeck, one of theBit Official Distributors.

Still on burn in, thus I’m not ready to share detailed impressions yet, but after 24hrs I’m hearing a highly resolving full body natural expanded sound.  Out of the box the initial sound impression was close to Opus#1 with the latest fw update, but now after the initial burn in I hear Opus#2 surpassed it in resolution and retrieval of details.  Also, noticeable lower hissing level with high sensitivity IEMs/CIEMs (tested with Empire Ears Zeus-R).

Next to its “little” brother Opus#1

Comes with a quality usb charging/data cable and premium high quality leather case (I assume by Dignis, just like with Opus#1)

Runs on Android, but this is not full open Android OS.  Can’t comment more on it yet since it’s an initial fw release and I don’t know what theBit guys going to introduce next.  For now, I don’t see any way to load 3rd party apps.  But you never know what kind of tricks Opus team have up their sleeve.

All the controls and menus are accessible from pull-down notification bar where you’ll find quick shortcut menu and the link to setup.

More impressions and the full review to follow soon…


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