First Look at the NEW Westone UM Pro 50

First impression of the NEW Westone UM Pro 50.

I have recently received the NEW refreshed Westone UM Pro line up of IEMs, and started my evaluation by looking at UM Pro 50.

I thought it will have a similar sound (relative to old version) with an updated shell design, but to my surprise I found a noticeable improvement.  While overall sig is the same with a balanced laidback sound, warmer lush tonality, healthy mid-bass impact, and smooth organic mids, the NEW UM Pro sounds leaner and has more clarity and transparency which makes old UM Pro somewhat congested in comparison.  After closer listening and taking some measurements, the NEW UM Pro 50 has a little deeper cut around 1k, more lift between 2k-3k, and higher peak around 10k. Though not exactly drastic, this refinement is noticeable and in my opinion scales up the clarity and the resolution of UM Pro 50, while also adding more sparkle and airiness to the sound. And you can still expect the same average soundstage width (not as wide as W-series) since UM Pro is tuned for performing musicians.


Also, I like the ergonomics of the new shell design, which is similar to Westone’s AM Pro series, where you have a semi-transparent dark inner side and fully transparent clear outer side of the shell. The shell is vertically a little taller, not the same bean shape as before, but slimmer and flatter, sitting flush in my concha area of the ear, and more comfortable with a secure fit. Furthermore, it has a newly updated MMCX Audio connection. It’s their Next Gen “MMCX Audio” type connector, already introduced in W80/ES80, AM Pro, and BT Cable – a more robust and secure attachment to the connector socket of the shell.

Design/Comparison (old vs new):

The fit:

While packaging box is also updated, accessories remain the same with Westone’s famous little orange monitor vault case, and 5 pairs of custom Star silicone eartips and 5 pairs of custom True-Fit memory foam eartips (with a medium recovery property, not too soft or too springy), where each pair has a different color-coded core. Also, you will find their signature Epic twisted cable with a pre-shaped earhook section.

New Packaging Box (w/comparison to the original):


Will have a full write up/comparison of NEW UM Pro 10/20/30/50 line up soon, but for now enjoy this first impression of NEW UM Pro 50 with a comparison to Old version.

For more info, visit Westone, and you can also find Westone UM Pro 50 on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “First Look at the NEW Westone UM Pro 50

  1. I bought the older model two months before the newer one was released, just happened to complain on the westone fb page and was emailed by someone from westone claiming the new product was identical to the old one in sound, with only minor cosmetic changes, so it had no Impact. Interesting to see the review saying it’s different. I guess they lied to me lol.


    1. Well, keep in mind, this is audiophile analysis with trained ears 🙂 I let a few of my friends listen to both, and they don’t hear too much difference, though they are also using $20 earbuds lol!!! It’s not a night’n’day difference, but it’s enough to justify the upgrade, if you are doing critical listening. I have been told they didn’t intentionally change the tuning (drivers, dampener/filter, crossover are the same), but they did optimize the design of sound path which introduced changes as I hear it…. Look on a bright side, a few month ago all original Um Pro models were reduced in price, so you probably got a killer deal, if I remember, about $150 off or more off the price? I would only complain if you bought for the full price, which perhaps Westone can adjust for you?


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