Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT) – The Introduction

*** Update ***

My LPGT full review is here.

The launch event of long awaited Lotoo PAW Gold Touch was held in Beijing last Saturday, March 31st by Mr. Tony Wang, the CEO of Infomedia Elec. Co.,Ltd..

PAW Gold Touch is not an upgrade of their legendary PAW Gold but belongs to a new touch screen product line of Lotoo. With the flagship DAC chip AKM4497 and audio-oriented system architecture, according to Lotoo, PAW Gold Touch is giving more natural sound for its reference level design concept.

In the last few days there has been a lot of various bits of info circulating about the event and some of the slides. Today, I’m able to share with you the Official Slides from the Show, in English, as well as the exclusive photos from the Event. Also, I have a short Video clip demonstrating the new GUI.

Official Slide Show with a Detailed Info about PAW Gold Touch.


Page 2: Pictures from the event and Video of GUI.

3 thoughts on “Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT) – The Introduction

  1. Hello Twister6 , will you post the review about PAW GOLD TOUCH ?
    If you are going to , please compare PAW GOLD TOUCH and CAYIN N8 in detail , thanks .


    1. N8 is a loaner and has to go back soon. And I’m still waiting to receive LPGT review sample, but… I also had a LPGT loaner for a short time (sent it back already) and took some comparison notes. I probably going to write first impressions LPGT review soon, and then will update it later with more details when I have review unit again in my hands.


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