iBasso SR1 Headphones

iBasso SR1 Semi-Open Headphones.

Manufacturer website: iBasso.  SR1 product page link.  Available for sale directly from iBasso.


Our guest reviewer Vince (Whitigir on Head-fi) is back with a New Review of iBasso latest Semi-Open Full Size SR1 Headphones which he recently purchased.  In addition to his written review and video impressions, Vince also wanted to share his SR1 earpad mod which he documented in a separate video.

While I’m also planning to have twister6 review of SR1 in a near future, let’s read to find out what Vince thinks about this New iBasso release.

iBasso SR1 Spec:

  • Transducer Type:  dynamic
  • Operating Principle:  semi-open
  • Frequency Response:  3Hz-40kHz
  • Sensitivity:  108dB at 1kHz
  • Impedance: 22 ohm
  • Rated Power:  50mW
  • T.H.D.:  <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
  • Plug Size:  3.5mm gold-plated
  • Cord Length:  1.8m
  • Weight:  420g without cable


SR1 is the newest product from iBasso, a company that started by and for Audio-enthusiasts, with an excellent customer service, and many great DAPs and other audio products, including the flagship DX200 player which they really excelled at.

As a fan of full size headphones, I had to scoop it up.  The fact it has Silicone suspension system, similar to a lot more expensive Utopia, Bio-cellulose diaphragm, and strong magnet voice coil – all together is very impressive for a price tag of $499.  It is also a Limited production run of 500 units.  It has everything that is appealing to me.



Design wise, it looks very comfortable with the adjustable head-strap of genuine leather and a metal headband that can be bent to adjust side-to-side cramping force.  It looks very upscale, similar to Stax flagship headphones SR-009/009S.


These are also very comfortable.  The head-band does a wonderful job staying fixed when wearing SR1, very comfortable and soft.  The weight is light, which makes it feel like wearing nothing at all.  The strapping mechanism and tolerable cramping force are great even when staying in bed, laying on a pillow, and enjoying music at night!

SR1 removable cables utilize MMCX connectors.  It was confirmed that the SR1 can be used with any MMCX connectors, but the in-house design with cables from iBasso have the twist lock mechanism to help the cables stay fixed and to be removed easier.

Here is my unboxing and first impressions video:

Sound Performance.

Sound signature of SR1 is on the warmer side.  While being semi-opened, it leaks out as much as any opened back, but isolates sound leaking inside similar to a closed back, and their presentation is more of a closed back than an opened back.

The things that SR1 does wonderfully out of the box are the awesome bass quality and quantity, the excellent imaging, and immersive spherical soundstage.

When viewing it as a closed back headphones, it fails to keep privacy because it leaks out like any open-back would.  But the soundstage is open, immersive, and with a good detail retrieval.  It has a somewhat attenuated lower treble with an upper extension.  The bass is punchy but also more constricted and congested, going into lower mid.  All in all, in my opinion it could be viewed performing on a level of an upper mid-tier headphones.


Page 2: Pads mod, Sound analysis, and Conclusion.

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