Jomo Audio Trinity BS (Brass)

Aftermarket cables.

I usually take my time listening to various cables, but because the connectors on the IEMs were very tight I could not switch between cables very easily, in cases preventing me from trying out a cable, and I decided it was safest to keep my listening session quite brief.


– Effect Audio Ares II (3.5mm SE)

This is the cable I would have expected as a stock cable and I think it pairs very well. I have both a 3.5mm SE and 2.5mm balanced Ares II, and I decided it was best to compare like-for-like and use the 3.5mm SE to compare to the stock cable. Overall I think the stock cable performed very well, but Ares II still gives a few notable improvements. Ares II improves background blackness and gives an overall cleaner sound. Vocals come forward a little bit and clarity is improved. While the soulful character is maintained very well, the overall sound is a little smoother and more forgiving. Just as always, I think Ares II is a very solid upgrade option.

– Effect Audio Lionheart

Lionheart is an interesting pairing for those who find the energy of the Trinity a bit much. Lionheart tones down the physicality of the bass a little bit and takes some of the edge off strings, pushing guitars back a little and pulling forward vocals a bit more. The overall sound gets the typical liquidity of Lionheart, mids become a bit more natural in the way I prefer them (warm-natural) and I feel transparency is improved.

– PlusSound Exo Silver+Gold

A wonderful pairing and one of my favorites. The Silver+Gold adds clarity and reduces some of the warmth, but maintains the soulful character really well. There is still an edge to guitars and the bass gains a lot of control without loosing its impact in the overall signature. It is brighter and thus works better with classical music as well.

– Dita Audio Truth (Silver)

Another wonderful pairing that leads me to believe the Trinity pair best with silver cables. Much like the Exo, the Truth adds clarity, but pushes it even further while maintaining more of the original warmth in the bass. It is very smooth and sounds incredibly natural, with outstanding vocals


– PlusSound X6 Tri-Copper

A great pairing that expands the stage a bit and adds a fair amount of air and improved separation without harming the coherency. The Tri-Copper also very slightly takes some of the edge off while maintaining the great texture of guitars. The bass feels more extended and a little more controlled. A very pleasant pairing that improves clarity and resolution without straying from the stock sound.


– Effect Audio Leonidas II

I had a lot of trouble with the connectors for this pairing, but I really wanted to try it and indeed it turned out to be my favorite pairing by far. Leonidas II improves transparency to astonishing levels, adds control to the bass while maintaining the warmth to build up the sound that the Trinity do so well. Guitars sound smooth while gaining even more texture, vocals sound superb and the treble is just as sweet. There is something truly special about this pairing.


– Empire Ears Phantom

At the moment I only have one pair of IEMs available that I consider worth comparing to flagship IEMs such as the Trinity and those are my own Phantom. These are my main reference for reviews and my benchmark for naturalness as I prefer it (i.e. warm-natural). Therefore this comparison is also useful to understand my preferences and to put my impressions of the Trinity in the right context.


Both these IEMs have a type of warm and smooth sound, but they have quite different characters. The Trinity have a much larger stage, greater clarity, more detail and considerably more energy. The bass has much more physicality and texture to it, even though the quality of the Phantom’s bass is outstanding to begin with. There is something more articulate about the notes of the Trinity and that is particularly noticeable with guitars. The Phantom do guitars very well, but the Trinity are downright masterful and present guitar riffs with so much texture and crunch that the Phantom sound almost subdued by comparison. Indeed, back-to-back the Phantom have that sense of veil compared to the Trinity.

It is however not all win for the Trinity and the Phantom are masterful in their own right. Mid-range tonality is where the Phantom excel and the Trinity just can’t quite get the naturalness that the Phantom have, especially with instruments such as woodwinds. The Trinity are natural, but the Phantom nail it perfectly. Similarly for vocals. The Trinity have great vocals, but the Phantom’s vocals are more forward, more natural and just have this amazing sense of intimacy to them. The Phantom also have a better overall smoothness, playing more kindly with less optimal quality recordings.

Both IEMs have great coherency and that is quite a feat for the Trinity to pull off with a much larger stage. Both also have a very holographic stage, surrounding the listener in music, immersing you in sonic bliss. Which you prefer will come down to your taste in music, preferences for certain aspects such as vocals and of course the budget you have available, as the Trinity are a step up in price.


I have greatly enjoyed my time with the Jomo Trinity and consider them the most soulful and engaging IEMs I have heard to date. They are warm and smooth, with a very large and airy stage, lots of details and a very revealing nature. Moreover, the Trinity have an infection energy that will give you the feeling like you are right there on stage performing with the band. If you have an opportunity to demo these, please do yourself a favor and listen to Santana’s Smooth and I will guarantee you that you will feel like you are standing right next to Santana with your very own air guitar.



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