Rhapsodio Eden

Clarity refined.

PROS: Accurate timbre with a neutral tonality, outstanding clarity, excellent for acoustic and classical music, great stock cable, excellent build quality.

CONS: Silver will not keep its mirror finish for very long unless you baby them, a more specialized signature that might not work well with all music.


The Rhapsodio Eden were on loan from a friend. No incentive was given for a favorable review.

Rhapsodio Eden

  • Drivers: Single 10mm dynamic driver
  • Shells: Pure silver
  • Price: US$2,000



Rhapsodio is a small company based in Hong Kong that is quite unlike any other company I know. Its main driving force is the indomitable polymath Sammy, whose singular drive to keep inventing ensures a near endless variety of new gear coming out all the time. Whether it is Universal IEMs, aftermarket cables, high quality adapters, amplifiers or most recently an affordable line of Custom IEMs, there is always something in the pipeline. Even in the case of already finished products Sammy’s drive seems to be incorrigible. The Zombie IEMs I reviewed on head-fi a while back for instance received a high-end upgrade in the form of pure silver shells and even very unique looking black silver shells. The Eden I am reviewing here, which come in pure silver shells already… Yes, you guessed it correctly (or more likely you are as surprised as I was), now also come as full-on, pure silver Custom IEMs that look like a work of art and are more akin to expensive jewelry than a pair of earphones. That is high-end luxury for those who can afford something truly special. I can’t afford it, but I do appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into such CIEMs and feel it is a world apart from some of the rather silly “luxury” headphones I have seen floating around (looking at you diamond encrusted Beats). This is what I love so much about Rhapsodio, there always seems to be a genuine effort behind everything to create something special at both the entry level and high end.

Speaking of high end, time to look at the gorgeous Eden and see what those are all about. I have been urged by friends to take a very careful look at these because of my love for classical music and preference for an accurate tonality, so my expectations are high.

Build quality and fit.

As indicated above, the shells of the Eden are made of pure silver and they look absolutely gorgeous. I believe the shell is somewhat similar in design to the first version of the Galaxy (although I have never seen those in real life) and it is a lovely small shell design, quite different from the larger shells I have seen on other IEMs by Rhapsodio such as the Saturn, Zombie and Galaxy V2. Although small, there is still quite a bit of weight to them because of the pure silver construction, which can make it tricky to get a secure fit. Much like I have had with all the other Rhapsodio IEMs I have tried, the fit was fiddly at first, but once I found the right tips I actually found them very comfortable and secure.

The Eden come with a premium quality pure copper cable that puts many stock cables to shame. For me this is something I think should be standard with all IEMs at this sort of price range. All too often I see very expensive IEMs fitted with a cheap plastic cable that has poor ergonomics and I wonder why they did not include something more befitting the premium quality of the IEMs. With the Eden no such issues, as the stock cable is great. It is a little heavier and not quite as supple as some of the aftermarket cables I have used, but certainly still an excellent quality and very ergonomic cable that does not bother me, even after hours of non-stop listening. And I can tell you that I did a lot of non-stop listening with the Eden because they have been a joy to listen to. So let’s quickly move on to the sound.


All listening was done with the Cowon Plenue 2 (neutral) and some with the Astell & Kern AK70 (warm/natural) from the SE out.

Page 2 – Sound analysis, Comparisons, and Conclusions.

2 thoughts on “Rhapsodio Eden

  1. any interest on testing the rhapsodio copper wizard. i have the cable on my hand but i am lacking on comparison with other cables at the same level.


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