Affordable turbo V6!

PROS: Value for money proposition, balanced sound, build quality, crystal clear shells, excellent 8 core stock cable, variety of ear tips.

CONS: Inclusion of a carry case in the package would’ve been nice.


I would like to thank BGVP for sending me the DM7 to test and review. I am not affiliated with the company or any of its sellers and write this review with an unbiased opinion regardless of how the review turns out.

BGVP Official AliExpress store : BGVP Factory Store

My background.

I am a professional musician, producer and audio engineer with experience in the performing, recording and pro-audio industry. I test products on a technical and musical level but try to write reviews as simple as possible from a music fan’s perspective.

Genre preferences.

I majorly listen to rock, acoustic, pop and metal and occasionally listen to EDM songs which are doing the rounds on the radio and charts.

Technical Specifications

  • Drivers – 6 Balanced Armatures
  • Sensitivity – 115dB SPL/MW
  • Distortion – ≤0.5%(1 KHZ)
  • Frequency range – 10 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Cable – 8 core Furukawa OCC + silver-plated mixed braided cable
  • Cable connector – MMCX
  • Jack – 3.5mm

Included in the box

  • BGVP DM7
  • 8 Core cable
  • Black silicone ear tips – SML
  • Grey silicone ear tips – SML
  • White silicone ear tips – SML
  • Foam ear tips – 1 pair
  • Cleaning tool
  • Manual and warranty card

About BGVP.

BGVP is a company based out of Dongguan, China. They manufacture and sell a wide range of products like in-ear monitors, earbuds, cables, cases, etc. They came into prominence with successful products like DMG and DM6.

Now, they’ve launched an even wider range of products including EST hybrids ES12 (4EST+8BA) and ES8 (2EST+6BA), V12 (12 BA), DM7 (6BA), VG4 (4BA) and DH3 (2BA + 1DD).

Today we have the DM7 in the spotlight. Let’s see how hard it can hit.

bgvp_dm7-5 Accessories

Build Quality.

According to the company’s description, DM7 shells are 3D-printed using German Envision TEC 3D-printing equipment and use PMMA acrylic fiber (resin) made of medical grade materials.

I got the DM7 with a white faceplate and transparent shell. The shells are indeed very well made and are absolutely clear. There are no bubbles or blemishes in the shell. The faceplate seam looks flawless too without any smudges.

Special mention goes to the 8-core cable which is a Furukawa OCC + silver-plated mixed braided cable. It’s a looker and feels ultra-soft and flexible. The MMCX connectors and jacks too are well made. The best part is, it sounds good! In all the products I’ve reviewed, this is the best cable a manufacturer has included stock with an IEM priced around $300-400.

As for the MMCX connector issue which some people reported previously, I’m happy to report that my DM7 is from the recent batch and that issue has been resolved. I unplugged it several times and checked with multiple cables to test its performance. The MMCX connection on both sides is nice and tight and has no issues at all.

bgvp_dm7-1 Main_Cover

Fit and Comfort.

DM7s shells are relatively smaller compared to other similar shells I have. Being semi-customs, they are shaped very well to fit most average shaped concha snugly. Either mediums or large ear tips from the BGVP accessories collection fit me but I prefer the ear tips shown in the picture below. They are the same ones that come stock with Fearless IEMs. With them, the DM7 fits me even better providing astonishing noise isolation, even as good as some of my custom IEMs. They remain comfortable for long sessions and never tire my ears. The cable being extremely soft is also very comfortable to wear over the ears and feels very soft touching the skin. Lol!

bgvp_dm7-6 Personal EarTip

Page 2 – Sound analysis, Comparison, and Conclusion.

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