Electro Acousti Cryo-Litz 7N UP-OCC | 7N SCC cables

Testing Procedure.

I tried removing most variables to keep the tests simple, easy and clean. Here is what I chose and did,

  • 2 IEMs from my favorites collection – BGVP EST12 and ItsFit Fusion
  • Testing comparisons with their respective stock cables.
  • Same source – Hiby R6 Pro
  • Volume levels matched by ear precisely in order to remove the effects of volume mismatch (Read how volume boosts change perception of sound signature).
  • Same ear tips.
  • Tested with fresh ears early in the day.
  • Comparisons with similar cables from other brands.

Sound Analysis.

  • 7N Neotech UP-OCC Copper Cryo Litz

I’ve always loved UP-OCC cables; they are my go-to kind of cables with most of my favorite IEMs. I was introduced to this particular cable by my good friend Hakuzen, who urged me to check it out and possibly review it. Well like always, he was right with his suggestion. This cable pairs well with most of my favorite IEMs and is possibly one of the best value 7N UP-OCC Litz cables in the market.

ItsFit Fusion – Fusion’s stock cable is a Silver-Plated Copper (SPC) cable. Switching over to UP-OCC I felt that it acts as a very clean and transparent filter for Fusion. The background became slightly blacker as compared to the stock SPC cable. I felt acoustics, hi-hats and cymbals became a bit smoother and more natural too. The sound field’s depth felt slightly deeper as well.

BGVP EST12 – EST12 has a Furukawa OCC + silver-plated mixed cable. Switching to UP-OCC, EST12’s soundstage immediately felt clearer with blacker background depth. I felt a very slight increase in resolution too. Bass character sounded ever so slightly cleaner with a subtle increase in sub-bass definition. Sound field felt a bit more open and the overall tonality became a bit richer too.

  • 7N Single Crystal Copper Cryo Litz STE

Single Crystal Copper (SCC) cables are again very popular and one of my go-to favorite kinds. It being a new cable, I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when I heard the subtle changes it brought in. I guess EAC refers to the nice organic warming effect it has on the IEM’s signature as Special Tuning Edition (STE).

ItsFit Fusion – This SCC cable pairs really well with Fusion. In comparison to Fusion’s stock SPC, this cable enables Fusion to have slightly better resolution, sound field clarity and depth.  Listening to Hunter Hayes’ ‘Love Makes Me’, I could focus on the hard panned acoustic and electric guitars better with EAC’s SCC cable. Also, I felt a very subtle bass boost and the overall mids body becoming slightly fuller. This cable too has a nice black background but probably not as clear as the UP-OCC. In comparison to UP-OCC, this SCC cable has a slight warming effect which in Fusion’s case helps make the signature slightly more organic, taking the edge off the treble subtly.

BGVP EST12 – I had similar experience using the SCC with EST12 as I did with Fusion. So besides my inferences in the paragraph above, I particularly felt that the SCC cable was a cleaner medium of sound transfer and helped increase the overall resolution and width definition in EST12 compared to the stock cable. Again, the black background and depth isn’t as fine as UP-OCC’s owing to it being more organic, it is still much clearer and defined than the stock cable. Overall body became slightly fuller and bass rumble too was more noticeable. SCC while adding some body, still upholds EST12’s clean character well.


EAC’s 7N UP-OCC Cryo Litz vs 7N SCC Cryo Litz –  I’m going to keep this simple between the 2 cables we have today. I felt that the UP-OCC cable acts as a clean and natural filter whereas SCC has a slight warming effect. UP-OCC enables a blacker background whereas SCC helps with a slightly bass lift. Build quality wise, you have access to the same accessories, so there are no differences there but the SCC cable feels a bit stronger because of the PE sheath and is slightly more flexible.

  • Effect Audio Ares II.

vs EAC’s 7N UP-OCC – Ares II is a 26 AWG UP-OCC Litz copper cable too. It has similar accessories options as EAC has. As for build, Ares II has a tighter braid overall, especially as a 2 core post y-split as compared to EAC UP-OCC. EAC is cryogenically treated whereas Ares II isn’t. Build quality is similar though EAC UP-OCC uses better looking and feeling 2-pin connectors. Sound wise, even though they are both UP-OCC cables, EAC UP-OCC felt ever so slightly cleaner with bass resolution whereas Ares II had slightly more treble presence. Both have a nice black background.

vs EAC’s 7N SCC – EAC’s SCC again has better 2-pin connectors. Braid is similar though SCC’s 2 core braid post Y-split is looser than Ares II. SCC is also more flexible and supple, probably pertaining to its looser braid. Again, SCC is cryogenically treated whereas Ares II isn’t. Sound wise, SCC helped bring a slightly warmer filter with better bass presence whereas Ares II enabled slightly better treble definition. I personally couldn’t hear any other substantial differences besides this.

  • Null Audio Symphonym Tiburon UP-OCC Cryo Copper.

vs EAC’s 7N UP-OCC – Tiburon like Ares II has a tighter braid in comparison to EAC. Tiburon’s Y-split and jack are heavier than EAC’s. I kind of like the Tiburon’s jack and Y-split more though both feel equally good in quality. I like EAC’s 2-pin connector design better, though both feel equally well made. Sadly, Null Audio does not offer Rhodium plated jack as an option with Tiburon whereas EAC does. Tiburon though 26AWG, feels slightly fatter, owing to the PE sheath. EAC on the other hand is more flexible and supple owing to the looser braid. Both cables are cryogenically treated. Sound wise, they both are very similar but I felt Tiburon enabled a very very slight bass lift and and very slight sparkle in the treble whereas UP-OCC kept it clean and a bit reference like.

vs EAC’s 7N SCC – Tiburon has a slightly tighter braid overall whereas SCC has a relatively tight braid pre Y-split and looser post Y-split. Again build quality of both is very good. Cable thickness of both is similar but the SCC is more flexible and supple owing to the looser braid. Sound wise, differences are very minor with SCC enabling a bit more organic with fuller body and richer tonality and Tiburon helping with a slightly clearer and cleaner sound field with a slightly blacker background.

Pairing Tips.

  • Choose the 7N UP-OCC Cryo Litz cable for IEMs whose sound signature you want to keep sounding their clean and natural best. IMO it paired well with most of my IEMs. I have it paired with EST12.
  • Choose the 7N SCC Cryo Litz cable for IEMs that are a bit harsh and need a slight organic-warming effect with a subtle bass boost. Along with that, it keeps the IEM’s clarity and resolution intact. Personally I have it paired with the Fusion.


Electro Acousti builds very good cables with exceptional value for money proposition. Their 7N UP-OCC Cryo Litz cable is a winner in that regard. It’s probably the cheapest 7N UP-OCC Cryo Litz  available at $82, with wire made by Neotech, an UP-OCC certified high quality manufacturer. It sounds as good as it looks and hence makes for an easy recommendation for people who are looking to upgrade their stock cables but do not want to spend a lot of money. This cable pairs well with most of my IEMs.

7N SCC Cryo Litz cable on the other hand is an equally good proposition, with it being as well built but having a clear PE sheath which helps in making it look even stronger. Also, I guess EAC was referring to the nice organic warming effect it has on the IEM’s signature, while naming this cable Special Tuning Edition.

All in all, both are very good cables at their prices and if you get the chance or are looking for a cable upgrade, certainly give these a shot.

4 thoughts on “Electro Acousti Cryo-Litz 7N UP-OCC | 7N SCC cables

  1. Quick point of clarity some might find helpful: when building your cable from components on the Electro Acousti store, there are sliders designed specifically for 4 core cables. The option isn’t obvious, and it isn’t available for every splitter, but the 4 core sliders do work very well on the 4 core wires, and likewise for the 8 core sliders on 8 core cables.

    For Zen Sen’s pre-made cables, he’s happy to accommodate requests, and I’ve ordered a few with the 4 core slider specifically because of the issue you mention.

    In case it isn’t obvious, I’m a HUGE fan of EA’s cables, and Zen Sen himself. He’s truly a joy to work with, and it’s great to see him recognized outside a head-fi thread or two!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers man! EAC is doing good work and I’m happy to recommend them. I’ll checkout the 4 core slider you mentioned next time. 🙂


  2. I bought this cable as a cable non believer and was hesitant. Now I love it, I haven’t done very serious testing but I really do think it makes a big difference, the background is so black and notes gain this physicality. Using it with a tia trio which actually is not supposed to be cable sensitive because of the lid tech but I’m very happy .


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