Shozy Pola39

Never anger a Pola.

PROS: Premium packaging, sound quality, exciting, open, airy, cool bass character, good natural easy upper mids, nice unique exciting treble character, cable, case, looks and build quality.

CONS: Lack of options in silicone ear tips for snug fit, probably not for the extremely treble sensitive people.


I would like to thank Shozy for sending me the Pola39 to test and review. I am not affiliated with the company or any of its sellers and write this review with an unbiased opinion regardless of how the review turns out.

Genre preferences.

I majorly listen to rock, acoustic, pop, metal, and sometimes popular EDM songs doing the rounds on the charts.

About Shozy.

Shozy is a relatively small company based out of China & Hong Kong which makes some pretty interesting products, some in collaborations with other companies like AAW. They have a wide range of products ranging from their $50 V33 to their flagship $950 Pola39. They’ve also dabbled in DAPs with their uniquely designed Alien Gold Edition.

I’ve owned the Shozy BG for a year and still love it for its sound performance for its asking price. Also with hard wide bore ear tips, it’s the best fitting IEM at its price for me. I personally find Shozy to be a very cool collaborative company which makes good value, high quality and premium looking products.

Manufacturer’s website purchase link – Shozy Pola39 ($950)

Technical Specifications

Pola39 Technology – Pola has a 10mm Dynamic Driver plus a dual EST driver (technically electret) which handles treble and upwards. Theoretically, because of the EST, the Pola39 is capable of having a frequency range of 10Hz-100kHz. In reality, humans only hear till 20kHz and that’s what primarily matters but it is interesting nevertheless. Also, generally in hybrids companies like to use a dynamic driver for bass and BAs for mids but Shozy instead chose to have the dynamic driver do bass and mids both. I personally love dynamic drivers and I was highly intrigued looking at Shozy’s choice for Pola39’s combo.

Technical specifications provided by the company.

  • DUAL crossover, vented design for optimized dynamic driver performance
  • 10Hz-100000Hz mega wide band performance
  • Channel matching – +-1dB
  • <0.5% Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 12 Ohm low impedance
  • Dual bore design

Pola39 updates over Pola.

  • New faster, responsive proprietary 10 mm dynamic driver + DUAL electrostatic drivers
  • Smaller housing
  • New venting design
  • New stainless-steel nozzle
  • Special color theme for stock Pola39 with mother of pearl faceplate
  • Symphonym OCC copper cables
  • Premium leather case / collection box

Shozy Pola39 4

Included in the box.

Pola39’s package looks very premium for sure! It has a blue leather box which flips open to present the Symphoynm case and Pola39’s technology card. Flipping open the paper sleeve then shows the IEM and case in its full glory. Have a look at the pictures below for some shots of the box and accessories.


  • African Blackwood Symphonym case
  • 5mm to ¼”adapter
  • Airline adapter
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Card explaining Pola39’s technology
  • Credit card style Tiburon warranty card

Shozy Pola39 5

Build Quality.

Build quality in short is spectacular! With Shozy’s attention to detail and AAW’s known manufacturing quality, it ought to be so. Shozy has chosen a green color scheme for the stock design. They’ve used a greenish mother of pearl for the faceplate. The shell is transparent with a green tinge and has the dynamic driver and dual EST driver in full view. The wiring is very neat and there is optimum minimal usage of glue just to hold the drivers in place, owing to the hybrid design. Shell finishing is spot on and overall craftsmanship is very high.

Cable – Well the Pola39 comes stock with Null Audio’s Symphonym Tiburon 26 AWG UP-OCC Litz 4 cable. Tiburon is certainly one of the nicest stock cables an IEM comes with in this segment, probably even a segment above. It feels extremely well built with good optimum thickness while still being relatively supple. Tiburon uses very good quality components. It has a very premium well weighted 3.5mm gold plated jack and equally well-made y-split, chin slider and 2-pin connectors. All of them follow the same design language and the cable looks very beautiful and premium as a result.

Case – Pola39 comes with a round African Blackwood Symphonym case which looks great. I particularly like the well-designed Symphonym logo on top. It fits the IEM and cable easily. The case shuts tightly but could’ve had a more reassuring locking mechanism. Nevertheless, it is a very nice looking and working stock case.

Fit and Comfort.

The Pola39 sadly comes only with one set of SML silicone ear tips and they weren’t the best for a snug fit for me personally. Even with the large ear tips, Pola39 still didn’t have the snuggest fit as the nozzle fell short ever so slightly. But luckily the Pola39 comes with SML foam ear tips and the medium sized ones helped me get a very good fit along with good noise isolation. As for silicone ear tips, I have a lot of options in my collection and my favorite wide hard bore ones fit just fine, providing a very comfortable and snug fit. So, I suggest you keep your favorite silicone ear tips handy when trying the Pola39.

Page 2 – Sound analysis, Comparison, and Conclusion.

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