Meze Audio RAI Penta

Pentatonix harmony!

PROS: natural detailed full-bodied sound tuning, beautifully crafted shells, compact ergonomic design and very comfortable fit, quality removable SPC cable, premium selection of accessories.

CONS: laidback sound presentation (depending on your preference).

The product was provided to me free of charge for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion.

Manufacturer website.  Meze Audio.  Available for sale directly or from Audio 46.


Call me shallow, but when Meze Audio RAI Penta flagship IEMs arrived at my doorstep for review, I wasn’t in a rush to put them in my ears.  Instead, I spent a good 10-15 minutes just looking at these little Romanian beauties and then continued while examining the custom case and the cable.  And we are not talking about some exotic shell material or fancy custom finish.  What caught my attention from the get-go was the design details of Penta’s uniquely shaped shells.

Of course, it should always be about the sound first, with everything else coming in second as the icing on the cake.  But when it comes to Meze Audio earphone and headphones, you can’t help but notice how hard they try to stand out both in the design looks and the sound quality.  But looks can only get you so far before it is time to hear what’s behind the shells.  That is exactly what I did after spending the last month testing and analyzing RAI Penta.  Here is more about it.

Unboxing and Accessories.

Considering how much thought goes into the design of Meze products, you should expect as much when it comes to the unboxing presentation.  Starting with a packaging box, it has a textured wavy pattern surrounding the company logo and the model name on the top cover.  Inside you have a foam inlay with custom cutouts to hold securely RAI Penta, all the eartips, and a custom shaped protective travel case.  Yes, I’m a sucker when it comes to unboxing and I do enjoy accessories, especially when it’s something unique and custom.

Here, you will find a ton of eartip pairs, such as soft black XS/S/M/L, a pair of regular double flanged and a two pairs of deep insertion double flange tips, plus a pair of Comply eartips.  Considering a stock cable 3.5mm termination, included was also 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter which can come in handy when dealing with desktop equipment.  You also get a cleaning tool with a brush and a long flexible cleaning whisker, a 2pin airplane adapter (that one is antique), stickers, and instruction manual.

My favorite accessory has to be a custom shaped protective EVA hard case.  It’s not a real leather, this is EVA material, but it looks like a real leather and has a protective hard shell with a soft inner lining and a mesh pocket.  On the outside, you have a metal Meze Audio logo and even a little loop to clip the case.  Meze is always trying to stand out from the crowd with their unique designs, even if it’s just a case.

The included removable cable also looks nice.  According to Meze, this is higher purity silver plated copper (SPC), 4 twisted wire conductors with each having 20 litz strands.  The IEM connector is MMCX plug inside of clear transparent housing with a color mark for right side, and seem to be good quality.  The cable has a flexible heat-shrink pre-shaped earhook, custom y-split with Meze audio symbol, plastic chin-slider, and a matching custom Meze audio branded connector plug.  The stock cable comes with 3.5mm rhodium plated plug, and Meze also offers optional 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced terminated SPC cables.

Page 2 – Design, and Sound Analysis.
Page 3 – Comparison, Pair up, Cable rolling, and Conclusion.

11 thoughts on “Meze Audio RAI Penta

  1. Nice review Twister6, as always. I’ve been looking at these since they came out. All the reviews I read, tho, always present these in…. “middle of the road” terms. So I ask you; what exactly do these IEMs EXCELL in? Why should I drop $1k on these? What’s ‘compelling’ about them?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. they excel in coherency of natural tuning, doesn’t even sound like a 5-driver hybrid. Works with every genre to my ears, and I can use it for hours without fatigue of poor fit or the sound which irritates me after awhile 😉 But like I said, if you are looking for more bass slam or crisp treble, these are not for you 😉


  2. thank you for another nice review.
    as you have pointed out, there are reviews with opposite comments towards this IEM
    would you recommend any cable(s) that would enhance the bass presentation without disturbing the overall balance of Rai Penta?


  3. thank you for another nice review.

    would you recommend any cable(s) that would enhance the bass presentation without disturbing the overall balance of Rai Penta?


    1. The problem is that most of my cables are 2pin, so it’s hard to recommend since I only have a few mmcx ones I mentioned in the review. But I did notice trying different silicone eartips which improve the seal also to enhance the bass. Stock silicone tips have olive slimmer shape which relaxes the seal, creating a more balanced signature. Everybody’s ears are different, of course, but try some other eartips which can improved the bass. It will be a lot cheaper than a cable 😉


  4. Hi Twister, how will you say about the pairing between this and PAW6000? Do they pair decently that there is more bass slam while maintaining the overall balanced signature? I tried the rai penta before with my old dap (AK Sr15) and I found the overall signature to be too relaxed and even leaning to be too soft for my preference. Now I have replaced my old dap with paw6000 but due to the pandemic I am not able to demo it myself…


    1. SR15 is a low fi dap, when I reviewed SR25 and compared to SR15 – it’s night and day comparison. Going to LP6k was a good move! And pair up with Penta will be noticeably better. Not just bass, but improvement in resolution ans detail retrieval.


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