CanJam NYC 2020 Report


I waited the whole year to attend CanJam NYC show, and in a blink of an eye the weekend was over. This was my 4th CanJam NYC, the annual event produced by which became a global phenomenon, spanning across NYC, SoCal, Chicago, London, Singapore, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. By now you have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of CanJam where multiple dozens of audio gear manufacturers present their latest products to hundreds of audio enthusiasts. The show is getting bigger and more diverse every year, and even the resent travel restriction (per mid Feb) due to CoV couldn’t stop it, though I did miss some manufacturers from China who were not able to attend this year.


Being held on the weekend, CanJam is a two-day event, and you do need both Saturday and Sunday if you are serious about trying most of the products, though even 2 full days might not be enough for some. Again, this year I was only able to attend on Saturday, even so I was well aware that one day is absolutely not enough. And regardless of my preparation with a list of specific products I was planning to test at the show, at the end of the day on my way back home while driving I realized that I missed quite a few tables because of the time spent talking to manufacturers or waiting in line to hear popular products.


Just like the last three times, this year CanJam NYC show was held in the heart of NYC, Marriott Marquis Hotel located in Times Square of Manhattan. I don’t mind driving to Manhattan and usually reserve a parking spot on-line ahead of time (cost you half the price versus just showing up) right across Times Square in the Icon Parking garage. On the way to the show while walking to the hotel, every year I run into local street performers dressed in character costumes, soliciting tourist for tips to take a picture. Thus, I’m no longer surprised by wild Elmos and other Disney and Marvel characters chasing you down the street to take a picture with them.


The morning of February 15th was very cold, down to low 20s (deg F), but luckily it was a very short walk from the garage across the Times Square to get to the hotel. It was almost 10am, and off I went to the 6th floor of Marriott Marquis, to get to the Broadway Ballroom where CanJam NYC 2020 was about to begin!


As a side note, last year was the first time I decided to write a report to capture my CanJam NYC experience. It was a Show Report, not a Review because it is impossible to gather accurate sound impressions in a noisy environment while surrounded by hundreds of people. For a reviewer, such as myself, the show is a perfect opportunity to preview the new audio gear and to get ideas for future reviews. And while I still think it is impossible to have accurate sound analysis in such a short period of time, this year I decided to include audio impressions as well.

Also, I took all the pictures with my phone, and due to a poor lighting and being in a rush, some end up being a bit out of focus. But either way, a picture is worth a thousand words and the Show Report will not be complete without it! Now, let’s proceed to find out more about CanJam NYC 2020!


Page 2 – Moondrop, BGVP, DUNU, MusicTeck, Hiby.
Page 3 – Unique Melody, Luxury & Precision, Cayin Audio, Effect Audio.
Page 4 – Westone, Eletech, MMR, Campfire Audio, Audio 46, Final Audio.
Page 5 – 64 Audio, Audio-Technica, E-Pro, JH Audio, Meze Audio.
Page 6 – Beyerdynamic, Soundcore, Noble Audio, Sony, Empire Ears, Astell & Kern.

6 thoughts on “CanJam NYC 2020 Report

  1. Always enjoy seeing CanJam reports! Nice job with coverage, pictures and impressions! I checked prices of the Lliad cable, wow on the price of these things!! I’m a cable guy, don’t get me wrong 🙂 And, I love silver for a lot of my cabling where I can afford it! It’s beautiful for sure…
    Interesting to hear on the R8 – and all the Beryllium infused goodness happening 🙂


  2. I venture to read and anticipating for some impression on Sony ones… and~ no mention of the IER M7-M9 or Z1R whatsoever. its about the WF 1000xm3 which is kinda old now and can be found in any proper hardware store.
    Prob because Twister is wanting to buy himself a TWS but cmon man~


    1. I didn’t see any M7-M9 and maybe they had a pair of Z1R, but I didn’t see it either (or maybe someone was listening to it). I tried Z1R iems at CanJam NYC in 2019 driven by wm1z, and treble was too piercing to my ears, bass and mids were good, but I couldn’t tolerate them otherwise. Are you from US? Sony here doesn’t care about audiophile products and only promotes Playstation lol! Just like I would have to drive over 100 miles to NYC to look for a physical audiophile store in the area, like audio46. Why do you think I started reviewing? :p Because there are no audiophile stores here to audition the gear and majority do listen to airpods or free earbuds that came bundled with their phone 😀


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