TRI Starshine

Shines bright like the North Star!

PROS: Clean, vividly musical, exciting and energetic signature, exceptional clarity and micro-detail retrieval, good fast bass dynamics, precision and attack, good build quality with excellent finish shine, attractive stock faceplate design, comes stock with 2.5mm balanced cable + 4.4mm and 3.5mm adapters.

CONS: Nitpicking – Can use slight reduction in mid and upper treble gain especially for people sensitive to treble, primary upper-midrange peak slightly later at 4kHz takes a bit away from perfect tonal accuracy, TRI should fill the shell cavity with a bit more resin to add some heft, would’ve liked more variety in stock ear tip options.


I would like to thank TRI for sending me the Starshine to test and review. I am not affiliated with the company or any of its sellers and write this review with an unbiased opinion regardless of how the review turns out.

About TRI.

TRI is KBEAR’s premium line of in-ear monitors and are brands of Shenzhen Lingyin Technology Co. Ltd. China. KBEAR mainly offers value for money IEMs and cables under $100 whereas TRI is positioned as a more premium lineup of IEMs, mostly $100 and above.

Links – TRI Starshine (KBEAR AliExpress Store, $499)

TRI Starshine Solo Left

Technical Specifications.

  • Drivers – 2 Sonion Electrostatic drivers + 2 Knowles Balanced Armatures
  • Impedance – 56Ω
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Frequency response range: 20-20kHz
  • Cable – 2-pin 2.5mm Copper and Silver-Plated mixed braided cable

Included in the box.

  • TRI Starshine
  • 2-pin Cable with 2.5mm jack
  • 4.4mm and 3.5mm adapters
  • Carry case
  • Cleaning brush and cloth
  • Manual

Build Quality.

Starshine has semi-custom shaped shells made out of resin. The shells are finished beautifully and I could spot no imperfections even under bright light. The shells are minorly filled with resin on the inside which makes them quite a bit lighter than full resin filled IEMs like Moondrop S8. I personally like full resin shells but less resin in the shells actually makes the internals easier to fix in case of warranty repairs. The shells have a translucent black bottom and a unique blue coloured Swirl design faceplate with the TRI logo on top. The nozzle is slightly short and relies on a well extending ear tip for a medium insertion fit.

Cable – Starshine comes stock with KBEAR’s Rhyme 2-pin Copper and Silver-Plated mixed braided balanced cable with a 2.5mm balanced jack termination. Also included are 2 very good quality, right angled 4.4mm and 3.5mm adapters, which I highly appreciate. The stock cable is not the nicest cable I’ve gotten with an IEM under $500 but it isn’t too microphonic, has decent thickness, is soft and wraps & unwinds nice and easy without tangling. Frankly, it has the perfect thickness to wear the Starshine around as an EDC IEM.

TRI Starshine Cable

Case – It’s a faux leather case with a magnetic closing mechanism. It barely fits the Starshine and the cable and you can’t really put the extra adapters in there in the tiny pouch. They should’ve chosen a more roomy case that could’ve fit at least some of the stock accessories.

TRI Starshine Case

Fit and Comfort.

Starshine has a fairly comfortable fit for me with the stock ear tips because of its semi-custom shape. Even though the nozzle isn’t too long, it allows for a medium insertion fit with stock ear tips, even better with third-party ear tips like Fearless stock green bore, Azla Sedna, BGVP A07 and Final E tips. 

Page 2 – Sound Analysis, Comparisons and Conclusion.

4 thoughts on “TRI Starshine

  1. Starlight has similar Penon Volt Design drivers, but i bet tuning would be totally different than Volt.
    I’d be curious to listen Starlight also, @Glenico did you listen it?


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