In-a-Snapshot: PlusSound Leather Storage Case

Safe and plusSound!

The product was provided to me free of charge for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion.

Manufacturer/product website:  PlusSound.


I have a lot of flagship IEMs and cables in my review collection, and over the last few years noticed how the former ones are getting more expensive and the latter ones are getting thicker.  For storage of these gems, I have a number of cases with and without customizable partitions, though some of them are too big and not ideal for traveling, while others are too small to fit thick cables along with IEMs.

So, I’m always in search for the best solution of transportable storage cases for IEMs that will allow me to keep shells separated, secured, protected, and with plenty of room for the attached cable up to 8-wires.  Surprisingly, this solution was just realized by PlusSound, a well-known cable maker who I’m sure saw the demand based on feedback from their customers.  And they totally nailed it!

Originally, I was only planning to write a few paragraphs about this storage case I just received from Christian (the man behind PlusSound).  But as I started to type, it turned into a mini review.  Thus, enjoy this short in-a-snapshot write up about PlusSound new storage leather case.

Design & Functionality.

The design is very straight forward.  It’s a rectangular leather case with a heavy-duty gold-plated metal zipper and exterior dimensions of approximately 5” x 6” x 2” and internal storage space of about 3.75″ x 5.5″ x 1.75″.  The exterior material is a real genuine high-quality leather with a stamped PS logo on the top cover.  The case is available in 3 leather finishes: brown, grey, and black.  The one I received for review is brown.

Inside, the case is lined with a soft felt material to keep everything protected and scratch free.  Under the cover you have a large polyester pocket, a bit tight, though with enough room to store microSD cards, cleaning clothe and tool, or maybe a credit card and a few bills of cash.  The idea of a tight pocket here is intentional, otherwise, if it will expand, you won’t be able to close the case cover.

The coolest part of the design is the included insert, lined with the same felt material.  Instead of having adjustable or fixed partitions, the insert features 2 semi-enclosed corner pockets for each IEM or CIEM.  The pockets have plenty of room even for large custom shells, and allow for the cable to remain attached while letting it extend down to wrap around the organizer wheel below it.  There is more than enough room for a thicker 8wire cable and a large 4.4mm connector, wrapped securely around and away from the shells.


But if you want to maximize the storage space, you can remove that insert and have enough room for 2 wrapped-around cables with iems, and maybe even one usb-dac dongle with a short OTG cable.  Or if you prefer, you can easily store a smaller or an average size DAP.  I was able to fit either N6ii, P6 Pro, LPGT, RS6, or DX240 without a problem.

Another bonus functionality is that you don’t have to completely remove the insert, instead, lift and tilt it to keep the lid open.  You can still place your IEMs and wrap the cable around the organizer wheel, and in this tilted position the case turns into a display for your monitors.  Definitely a cool way to showcase your favorite IEMs/cables on your desk or your favorite music listening area in the house.



There are many different IEM storage cases you can get dirt cheap on eBay or Aliexpress.  But with most of those you store IEMs by wrapping the cable around it and usually having just enough room for a thinner or an average thickness aftermarket 4wire cable.  This new leather storage case from PlusSound is not cheap at $99, though you have to consider the premium price of genuine leather. Also, keep in mind, PS already started Black Friday Sale with 20% introduction discount until November 30th.  When you are dealing with $4k-$6k premium IEMs with either acrylic, carbon fiber, or metal shells which you are trying to keep apart so they don’t scratch or rub against each other in a tight space, and you need enough room to fit thicker aftermarket cables with large 4.4mm plugs, this case can definitely keep everything safe and sound.  It’s a premium storage case for premium IEMs and cables to protect your precious.


3 thoughts on “In-a-Snapshot: PlusSound Leather Storage Case

    1. I just googled dignis armin. Two different cases, different size, completely different internal design. The only thing they have in common is rectangular shape 🙂


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