Effect Audio Signature Series cables: Ares S, Cadmus, Eros S

Pair up w/Comparison.

Here is how I hear EA Signature Series cables paired up with different IEMs.  I chose a few popular IEMs for this testing, to compare their sound between these 3 cables in order to demonstrate sound characteristics of each.  In addition, I also used EA’s own Axiom IEM since it comes without a cable and I’m sure some will find this comparison useful.  In general, I will go through different pair ups and comparisons, and then summarize the sound of each cable in the Conclusion of my review.

In this test I was using LPGT as a neutral reference source, volume matched, and playing the selection of my test tracks, such as Agnes Obel “The curse”, Sandro Cavazza “So much better” (Avicii remix), C-Bool “Never go away”, Ed Sheeran “Shape of you”, Counting Crows “Big yellow taxi”, Galantis “Hunter”, Alan Walker “Darkside”, Iggy Azalea “Black widow”, Indila “Boite en argent”, Robin Schultz “Oh child”, Dua Lipa “Love again”, David Elias “Vision of her”, and Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana”.

Also, please keep in mind that I’m describing the sound of IEM paired with a specific cable, driven from LPGT source, and how the sound of that IEM compares when I switch cables.  I don’t want to imply that cable will have a drastic EQ-like night’n’day effect on the sound of IEMs.  Based on what I’m hearing, cable can finetune the sound, but if you find the original signature of IEM to be not your cup of tea, no cable alone will change that.

64 Audio U12t

Ares S (copper) – I hear a balanced sound signature, with a deeper sub-bass extension and stronger mid-bass impact; thicker, more organic lower mids, smoother, warmer upper mids, and more controlled natural treble.

Cadmus (SPC) – still a balanced signature, but relative to copper cable, I hear more focus on mid-bass and less on sub-bass.  Sub-bass still has a good extension, but less weight.  Also, lower mids are a little more neutral, not as thick as with copper which brings up upper mids more forward and even gives treble a bit more sparkle and airiness.

Eros S (silver/copper hybrid) – this cable gives U12t a more pronounced W-shaped signature with sound characteristics of copper/SPC combination.  The bass still has a strong articulate impact and also gains more weight in sub-bass.  But it is not exactly like with copper cable because copper cable had thicker lower mids while this hybrid has more transparent and closer to neutral lower mids which gives the bass more control and better articulation.  Thus, you have sub-bass weight and mid-bass impact like in copper, and overall bass control and articulation like in SPC.  Mids have less coloring and more transparency relative to copper, but still retain a bit of that organic texture I heard with copper cable.  Treble has a similar characteristic with more sparkle and airiness like with SPC.

I personally preferred a hybrid (Eros S) cable with U12t better.  That is just my own preference, and you have to decide which aspect of the IEM sound you want to finetune, and then select a cable based on that decision.



Ares S (copper) – I hear a more balanced sound signature, still slightly U-shaped, but vocals are not pulled back as much as with a stock copper cable.  In this pair up, I do hear more texture and weight in sub-bass, having elevated rumble and rounded deep impact.  Vocals have a more natural tonality, but what I like the best in this pair up was a more natural treble while still retaining its sparkle, airiness, and contribution to higher resolution of the sound.  But it was less intense, not as much in-your-face.

Cadmus (SPC) – similar to U12t pair up, the weight of sub-bass rumble is slightly reduced, putting more focus on mid-bass punch.  The bass is quite articulate, similar to MKII pair up with copper since that tuning didn’t have too thick lower mids to begin with.  The lower mids here are relatively neutral which gives upper mids/vocals a more forward presentation.  Treble also has more airiness and higher level of energy, definitely more intense than with copper cable, but I still don’t detect any extra harshness or sibilance.

Eros S (silver/copper hybrid) – again, pair up synergy in his case is staying closer to my observation with U12t, where the performance of Mest MKII has a hybrid characteristic, picking up sound changes from copper and SPC wires.  Relative to pair up with SPC, the bass gains more sub-bass rumble, not at the exact same level as with copper, but close.  Lower mids are not as neutral as with SPC cable, instead, being somewhere between fuller body of copper and leaner neutral body of SPC.  As a result, upper mids/vocals do have a more forward presentation and also more natural tonality.  Treble response is similar to SPC cable.

For me personally, I preferred a copper (Ares S) cable in pair up with Mest MKII because I really enjoyed the impact of MKII bass while keeping treble under control with a smoother tonality.


EA Axiom

Ares S (copper) – I hear a warm smooth tonality with a laidback slower bass, fuller body organic natural mids, and clear and detailed treble.  The overall signature is relatively balanced, with a sound being natural and relaxed.

Cadmus (SPC) – the transparency of this cable gives the bass more control and better articulation, bass feels tighter and faster.  Mids have leaner lower body, being closer to neutral which opens up more space to enjoy upper mids and brings out more details in sound and vocals.  Treble also gains more sparkle and airiness.  The transformation of sound going from copper to SPC is quite impressive in this pair up.

Eros S (silver/copper hybrid) – I find this cable to be a combination of copper and SPC sound changes, with bass having similar elevated rumble like in a copper cable, but also having a little more control in bass decay, similar to SCP cable.  Mids/vocals still have fuller body like in copper cable, but their presentation is more forward, like in SPC.  Treble is similar to SPC.

For me personally, Axiom with its original module had the best pair up synergy with SPC (Cadmus) wires which gave the sound a perfect balanced signature with a more transparent tonality.


Page 3 – Selective Pair up, Comparison, Conclusion w/Sound Analysis.

2 thoughts on “Effect Audio Signature Series cables: Ares S, Cadmus, Eros S

  1. 88 / 5.000
    Resultados de traducción
    Between the Eros S and the Cadmus, which one has a fun sound and more body or density?


    1. It has to be relative to IEMs. Wire doesn’t have a sound, but it can enhance the sound of IEM which has its particular sound sig. Ares S is a warmer, fuller body enhancement cable. Eros S can stir the tuning toward a more “fun” sig. Cadmus reduces sub-bass, so, neither “fun” nor “body”. Can’t go wrong with Eros S 😉


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