FAudio Mezzo LE

Sound Analysis.

I analyzed Mezzo LE sound performance paired up with LPGT while playing a variety of test tracks, such as Agnes Obel “The curse”, Sandro Cavazza “So much better” (Avicii remix), C-Bool “Never go away”, Ed Sheeran “Shape of you”, Alan Walker “Darkside”, Galantis “Hunter”, Iggy Azalea “Black widow”, Indila “Boite en argent”, Dua Lipa “Love again”, Counting Crows “Big yellow taxi”, Bob Marley “Jamming”, David Elias “Vision of her”, and Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana”.  The sound analysis was done after about 100hrs of playback time, so it has plenty of burn in time.  Also, I used the provided silicone eartips and stock cable.

I found Mezzo LE to have a balanced sound sig with a natural revealing tonality (baseline setting with all switches off).  It is tuned to have a very spacious sound with a huge 3D soundstage expansion and nearly holographic imaging, including excellent layering and separation of the instruments and vocals.

The bass goes deep and has a strong elevated impact.  You can hear and appreciate both, the elevated sub-bass rumble which gives a deeper bass presence and a well-controlled faster pace mid-bass punch.  The balanced sound signature keeps it from being skewed toward basshead tuning, and overall bass doesn’t overpower the rest of the frequencies.  But it is unmistakably there with elevated weight and boosted presence.

The lower mids are neutral, reaching more toward the leaner side, but still with enough body to have a more linear transition from mid-bass into the mids.  The neutral tuning of lower mids also helps to keep the bass under control without spilling into mids.  Upper mids are quite organic and detailed with plenty of natural clarity, sitting perfectly without being too forward or pulled back.

The treble is crisp yet still natural and non-fatigue, assuming you leave that switch alone.  I’m usually not a big fan of piezo driver tweeters because they sound unnatural to my ears.  Here, with a default treble setting of switches being off, it blends in perfectly with upper mids to keep that crisp sparkle more natural and still airy.  But, once you start playing with switches and boost the treble presence, it could get a bit hot for my personal taste.


Here is more about how I hear all the switch settings which I find to be quite effective in Mezzo LE design.  I already described the default baseline sound with all Switches off, and here are 7 other tuning combinations.

  • Sw1 on – brings more energy to the treble, giving it a crisper bite with a higher res definition.
  • Sw2 on – pushes mids more forward which attenuates the bass down, gives treble more air, and makes vocals brighter, colder, more analytical.
  • Sw3 on – boosts the bass, elevating both sub-bass and mid-bass, it functions like a shelf filter which affects only the bass while keeping mids natural and detailed, and treble crisp and clear. But the perception of mids changes under this tuning, pulling them slightly back.
  • Sw1 & 3 on – boosts the bass and the treble which turns sound sig into V-shaped with treble being a bit hot.
  • Sw1 & 2 on – this one reminded me of Sw all on, but with bass attenuated down and upper mids and lower/mid treble boosted, making the sound a lot brighter and more plasticy.
  • Sw2 & 3 on – boosts bass and mids while keeping treble under a more natural control.
  • Sw1 & 2 & 3 on (all on) – I hear the boost in upper mids and lower/mid treble, bringing more attention and higher resolution to vocals.  Unlike when Sw2 on, the bass here is not attenuated.

Sw off (baseline tuning), Sw2 & 3 and Sw3 were my favorite settings since it either kept the sound more balanced (Sw off) or added more weight to the bass and kept mids/treble slightly attenuated down and more natural in tonality (Sw3 on) or boosted bass and pushed mids a bit forward to add more clarity and details to the vocals (Sw2 & 3).

One thing to note, FAudio mentioned that Sw1 is the one controlling the lows (bass), while in reality and across my FR measurements I found Sw3 to control the bass and Sw1 to control the treble.

For the reference, here is the baseline FR measurement of Mezzo LE with all switches off.


As far as the pair up synergy with DAPs goes, I found it to be relatively consistent across many different sources I tried Mezze LE with, giving you a wide holographic soundstage, deep textured bass, clear natural mids, and crisp treble.  The only DAP where I found Mezze LE to have not so good pair up synergy was M9 where treble ended up being too sizzling.


Eartips Selection.

The selection of eartips is crucial to any universal in-ear monitors and will affect the sound, especially the bass impact depending on the seal.  Due to a large opening of my earcanals, I usually go for the largest size eartips to get a better seal.  Also, please keep in mind, eartips impressions are subjective and will be based on anatomy of your ears.  I’m just describing what I’m hearing with mine while comparing between Mezzo LE stock eartips and other aftermarket eartips.

  • Stock grey silicone – baseline sound with balanced sound sig and natural detailed tonality.
  • Stock white silicone – these eartips are taller and have a smaller size cap for a deeper insertion with a bit relaxed seal, plus bore opening is a bit narrower.  The sound has less bass impact and more focus on upper frequencies.
  • Stock foam – these eartips are useless to me because they only come in medium size which has no seal with my earcanal, and the bore opening of these tips is too big to sit secure on the nozzle.
  • Azla Crystal – with a tighter seal of these eartips I hear more bass impact.
  • SpinFit CP100 – seal is more relaxed and eartips insertion is deeper, all of which results in less bass impact, like with stock white silicone tips.
  • Final Type-E – I hear a more V-shaped sound with lift in bass and mid-treble.
  • Symbio F – enhances stock grey silicone eartips sound with deeper sub-bass rumble and more natural treble.

Symbio F and stock grey silicone tips were my favorite with Mezzo LE.


Page 3 – Cable pair up, Comparison, and Conclusion.

3 thoughts on “FAudio Mezzo LE

  1. Great review, very informative! I am on the market for new iem and struggling between these and Kr5 from FIR Audio. I know different beasts…
    Main genre I am listening is prog rock, alternative and female. Sources are Cayins N6ii mostly with E01 and N8 in tube mode. Looking for an upgrade to my Anole VX. Thanks for your help


    1. Did you hear both and trying to decide? Both should work for music you listen to. Mezzo shells will be lighter, if that matters. Another thing, Mezzo has switches to adjust and fine tune the sound. Some people want more bass, others want more treble. If you are not 100% happy with KR5 tuning, its atom module does very small sound adjustment. Mezzo, on the other hand, can change the sound more drastically to what you like. That is a huge advantage.


      1. Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, I am not able to listen to them due to lack of possibilities. I do understand the differences of tuning but still uncertain which of these two would be the best upgrade. KR5 a lot of complete different comments from stellar to muddy, Mezzo only few. Which one is more detailed and has better layering? May be this helps to decide …….


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