CanJam NYC 2023

Final thoughts.

Attending the CanJam is a unique experience like no other because no matter how much you read about the audio gear or discuss it with your friends on-line, nothing can substitute the experience of being able to do this in person with your own ears.  It’s always great to see old friends and to meet new faces, including our diverse Watercooler crew from Head-fi.  And the same goes for manufacturers and retailers, many of whom I stay in touch with throughout the year over emails and PMs, and only get a chance to see face-to-face during the show.  Also, I love hearing from other audiophiles who shared with me about their traveling expenses to get to the show, and later told me about money they actually saved by being able to audition the new gear, narrowing it down to exactly what they like instead of going through blind hit-or-miss buys.


I can only speak from my experience of six NYC CanJams and based on what I heard from other attendees and show organizers, and everybody agreed this was probably one of the biggest CanJams to date.  Last year people were still a bit nervous to attend public shows, while now the attendance probably exceeded the pre-pandemic level.  I ran into people from East Coast and West Coast, Canada, UK, and to my big surprise even a number of audiophiles from SGP, including Crinacle.  The reason why I was surprised because just like in previous years, the balance between desktop and portable gear remained the same at NYC show where you will find more desktop amps and full-size headphones than DAPs and IEMs.  In the upcoming weekend at CanJam SGP it will be the opposite where majority of products are going to be IEMs and DAPs.


And as I mentioned in the Intro, after all this waiting, CanJam NYC 2023 was over in a blink of an eye, and I had to say goodbye until the next year!  But with other Global CanJam shows just around the corner, I’m ready for more upcoming impressions and reports from other Head-fiers to get me through while waiting for 2024!

And as always, last but not least, a BIG Thank You to the CanJam Show producer, Ethan, and the entire Head-fi crew including Jude, Brian, Warren, Joe, and all the volunteers for bringing CanJam to us and giving the opportunity to enjoy this hobby to its full potential!



12 thoughts on “CanJam NYC 2023

  1. I’ve read a lot of reviews you’ve written and I’m getting help.
    I want to see a comparison of the 64audio Fourte series. By any chance can you do that??


  2. I received a lot of help from your reviews. I want to see a comparison of the 64audio fourte series. By any chance can you do that??


    1. Not really sure what you mean by that comparison? I covered original Fourte and later Noir in the past. No plans to review Blanc, 64audio didn’t send out review samples. And, unfortunately, 64audio hasn’t released anything truly new since 2017 😦


      1. Got you. From a reviews I found out that u4s is not so slightly changed version of a4s. Thank you for the reply


      2. U4S is uni version of A4S they released before. Just like Nio was uni version of custom N8t they released on the past. I would have loved to hear U4S, but they didn’t introduce it until 3wks later at CanJam SGP


  3. The show looks really great! Btw, have you got a chance to try the AK ACRO CA1000T? Seems that it is available at the AK boot. I would like to hear your opinion about it, especially when compared with the AK SP3000. Thank you.


      1. Yeah, the model is an improved version of the previous AK ACRO CA1000 model (Similar to SP2000 -> SP2000T). Furthermore, it has 8 selectable choices for OP Amp and Tube Amp sound blending modes. You can blend between very precise, and sharp with warm and smooth sounds from both Amps’ outputs almost freely.


    1. Two different iems. Alpha Ti has a healthy bass slam and lift in upper frequencies, fun-tuned sound sig. Ronin is a smooth and warmish, more neutral bass and tamed down treble.


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