Fir Audio Radon 6 (RN6)

Cable pair up.

I’m aware that some people don’t believe in cables and have a very strong opinion about it.  It’s not my intent to start an argument here.  Instead, I would like to share what I hear during my testing.  What makes sense to me, a metal wire is a material with physical properties of resistivity, conductivity, and purity, all of which put together act as a filter between your source and earphones.  Variations of these physical properties can affect the conductivity of analog signal, resulting in a sound change, from a subtle to a more noticeable level.  If the talk about cables upsets you, you are welcome to skip this section.

w/EA Cleo II octa – wider soundstage, more sub-bass rumble.

w/PlusSound PPH8 – wider soundstage, a little more rumble.

w/Eletech Ode to Laura – wider soundstage and more holographic imaging, more balanced sig with mids slightly more forward.

w/PWA FT – wider soundstage, more sub-bass rumble.

w/EA Chiron – wider soundstage, and little more revealing upper frequencies.

w/Liquid Links Venom – just a little wider soundstage and more holographic imaging.

In general, I found the changes with cables here to be not as drastic, just a minor finetuning.


Source Pair up.

RN6 has 28ohm impedance and average sensitivity, making it quite easy to drive.  Also, with all the DAPs no hissing was detected.  For your reference, here are my brief pair up notes.  And by brief, I just focus on any changes related to a sound sig and general tonality.

Lotoo LPGT – baseline sound, W-shaped sound sig with elevated bass and more emphasis on sub-bass, natural detailed smoother mids, and clean and clear treble with a moderate extension.

L&P P6 Pro – sound sig is a little more balanced with a slight boost in mids and a little crisper treble.

Sony WM1ZM2 – similar to LPGT with more bass boost.

Cayin N8ii (P+, tubes, AB) – more rumble in bass and sparkle in treble, with sound sig being mildly U-shaped.

Cain N7 – more sub-bass rumble and a little more texture in mids.

iBasso DX3200 w/amp14 – here I actually hear upper mids and treble getting more boost and sounding brighter, both upper mids and treble being more revealing, more layered.

Hiby RS8 – more sub-bass rumble and a bit more mid-bass slam.

Shanling M9 – more sub-bass rumble and a lot brighter and crisper treble, with the sound sig being more U-shaped.


Page 4 – Comparison and Conclusion.


7 thoughts on “Fir Audio Radon 6 (RN6)

  1. Hi Alex, I notice you made a comparison with the Ext. Would you say its sound signature is closer to the Phoenix? or maybe even the Phoenix LE?


    1. Dean, if you are referring to RN6 vs Phoenix or Phoenix LE, I would say RN6 mids/treble are closer to Phoenix OG, though RN6 kinetic dd bass slam and texture is the biggest difference, more elevated. BA bass can’t match it. At the same time, Phoenix mids have more clarity and better layering and separation of the instruments because its “BA” bass has a better separation from mids.


  2. how much time of burn in did you use for this IEM?
    my unit is more neutral and bright than your description
    I use “not your father’s” cable and N8ll, P6pro and SP3000


    1. If anything, burn in will only make bass settle in, to clean up a bit of a bloat out of the box. What you are describing sounds like you might want to play with different eartips to make sure iem sits tight and secure in your earcanal. If you are breaking the seal or it’s not secure, kinetic bass will be leaking more sound causing them to be more neutral and brighter.


      1. Maybe…i’ll try more eartips when my burn in period is over, but it’s a very good IEM indeed, only need a bit of finetuning for my tastes.
        I loved the Kr5, but i sold it in favor of this one, i needed a more technical version of the Kr5…but for now this is another thing, more balanced and with a tighter bass…


    1. ciao man, just replied to you on head-fi 😉 “Mids get warmer and soundstage is narrower, giving the sound a more intimate feeling with a smoother tonality. With or without atom xs module, it’s just another finetuning option.”


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