Final E4000 & E5000


E2000 vs E4000

The E2000 and E4000 share much of the same DNA in terms of tuning and for me it is clear that the E4000 is a higher end version of the E2000 and that is exactly how they compare. The E4000 is in every way a step up from the E2000. The stage opens up a bit more, the clarity is significantly improved and the imaging is more consistent. With the E2000 I sometimes find little inconsistencies in the imaging where background instruments are emphasised too much, but I have not noticed it with the E4000. Beyond this there are more similarities than differences. The signature if very similar, just matured to a higher quality, and the engaging and coherent sound of the E2000 makes a return in an even more toe-tapping way. Thoroughly fun!


In terms of practical use, the E2000 is a little smaller with a thinner, non-detachable, cable and that does have its advantages, as it is a really diminutive size. However, the build quality of the E4000 inspires more confidence. Sound leakage is slightly less on the E2000, which is why I will opt to use those when commuting over the E4000. When training though, I will happily choose the improved sound quality of the E4000. I would say the E4000 are definitely worth the higher price compared to the E2000 and both offer outstanding value.


E4000 vs E5000

Sadly I do not have the E3000 to compare, which would have been very interesting, as I think the E5000 will probably be a more mature version of those. No doubt it will be a significant step up, as this is already the case between the E4000 and E5000. The E5000 are definitely a step up from the E4000, although there are also some differences in terms of the signature that can be worth considering. The E5000 have an incredibly engaging sound that is a little more articulate than the E4000, which in my opinion makes them perform a bit less well for acoustic music when compared to the E4000. While the E5000 have a slightly more linear signature (still U-shaped), I find myself preferring the E4000 for classical music. For pop music though the E5000 really shine and I greatly prefer the energy with which they present the music.

In terms of build quality the E5000 is again a step up, but while the cable is technically a better one, I much prefer the more supple and less microphonic cable of the E4000. For the E5000 that would mean possibly spending extra on getting an aftermarket cable, which, at this price point, I am not sure would be sensible. Still, I have seen people do it with very nice results, so the potential of the E5000 might still make it worth considering. In terms of size they are the same and I find no practical differences in fit and general use. Even the added weight of the E5000 has given me no issues at all. Again, with both the E4000 and E5000 Final offer outstanding value and the choice will probably mostly come down to the budget you have available. They are highly versatile, fun and comfortable IEMs that are a joy to listen to.



The E4000 are outstanding value IEMs that offer a versatile and engaging sound in a very small and comfortable form factor. They are great all-round, every day IEMs that do not cost a kidney and prove that at the more budget-friendly level there is still a lot of innovation taking place.

The E5000 have really impressed me and I think they also offer excellent value. They are exciting IEMs that sound much larger than their diminutive size suggests. Final have come up with an incredibly well-balanced and coherent signature that works great for all types of popular music, making them very versatile and a great option for many people to consider.

In this day and age of quickly escalating prices at the top end, Final have provided us with a fresh breeze through their new E-series and I can highly recommend giving them a demo if you are trying to squeeze maximum performance out of a small budget.

3 thoughts on “Final E4000 & E5000

  1. Hi twister! Love your reviews!
    I just would like to ask if pairing the e5000 with a Cayin n3pro would result to an overly warm or dark sound? I am also considering the ibasso dx160 with e5000. Thank you!


    1. Sorry, Erik was the one who reviewed E4k/5k, while I reviewed N3 Pro. But if you deciding between N3 Pro and DX160 and worrying which one will have a better synergy without making the sound too warm/dark, I would go with DX160 since it is a brighter source.


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