Tansio Mirai TSMR-4 Pro

Rich & Detailed.

PROS: Sound and build quality, detailed sound (good amount of micro-details), good attention to design details and QC, customization options.

CONS: None really at this price point.


The sample was provided to me to test and review. I am not affiliated with the company or its sellers in any way and write this review with my best unbiased opinion regardless of how the review turns out.

My background.

I am a professional musician, producer and audio engineer with experience in the performing, recording and pro-audio industry. I test products on a technical and musical level and try to write reviews as simple as possible from a music fan’s perspective.

Genre preferences.

I majorly listen to rock, acoustic, pop and metal and occasionally listen to EDM songs which are doing the rounds on the radio and charts.

Technical Specifications

  • Driver – 4 Balanced Armatures (2 x Knowles 22955 & 2 x Knowles 29689)
  • Impedance – 15ohm
  • Sensitivity – 115dBL/mW
  • Frequency range – 15Hz-20KHz
  • Passive noise reduction – 26dB
  • Connector – 2-pin 0.78mm

Available for sale on Amazon.

Included in the box.

I was sent just the IEMs. I do not know how the packaging looks or the accessories that will be in the box. So, for that matter, I’ve left out the ‘In the Box’ section of this review empty on purpose.

Build Quality, Fit and Comfort.

The universal shells of the whole TSMR line up are the same. The shells are made from resin and are stunning to look at. There are innumerable customization options where sky is the limit. The shells are extremely well made and you can clearly see that the attention to detail is top notch.

Fit, like previous TSMRs I’ve tested is very comfortable and snugness primarily depends on the choice of ear tips. The shells aren’t like the semi-custom shape that you see a lot of companies using but they still provide similar isolation from outside noise. I’ve used them while travelling by public transport and never knew what was happening around me while listening to songs. Also, the nozzles aren’t intrusive and remain comfortable over long sessions.

Pictured case and cable not included in the package. This Tanchjim upgrade cable was used for testing.


Page 2 – Sound analysis, Comparison, and Conclusion.


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