Venture Electronics VE Sun Dice & Copper

Wild under the Sun!

PROS: Two versions with different technical performance, natural detailed tonality, quality cable, solid build, lots of accessories to help you with a secure fit.

CONS: Copper version is more expensive, earbuds fit is not for everybody.

The product was provided to me free of charge for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion.

Manufacturer website: Venture Electronics.


Aside from everything else, 2020 also turned out to be a leap year, with the previous one being 2016.  And I can’t let this year end without posting earbuds review considering the last one I wrote was back in… 2016.  Just like leap years, reviewing earbuds is a rare occasion for me because my ears are not exactly earbuds friendly, though I do enjoy the sound.  At the same time, higher impedance earbuds make a great pair up example in DAP reviews, one of the reasons why I have been featuring VE Zen so often and lately switched to the latest VE Sun.

While I do have to fiddle with earbuds fit, I still enjoy their sound and now it is time to give the Sun its own spotlight in a separate review.  But this one is going to be a little different.  Since I don’t have too many earbuds, and considering that I had the opportunity to test both Dice and Copper versions of Sun, I will focus my review specifically on these models and their comparison.  Now, let’s take a closer look at Wild Lee’s latest VE Sun flagship release!


Unboxing and Accessories.

While there is nothing extraordinary about the actual packaging, just a small black carboard box with a company name/logo on the cover, it’s the number of extra goodies you get along with it that I found impressive.


The included aluminum round case makes a nice companion to protect your earbuds when traveling.  It’s a generic metal round case with a tight seal and VE name/logo on top.  I also received a number of adapters as part of the included accessories.  Under VE Sun product listing, adapter is mentioned as part of the included TRRS accessories.  I don’t know the exact details, but I assume it will depend on chosen termination of your cable where you can request an adapter to either convert from balanced to single ended or balanced to balanced.  My review sample of VE Sun came with 4.4mm termination, and included were 4.4mm BAL to 2.5mm BAL, 4.4mm BAL to 3.5mm BAL, and 4.4mm BAL to 3.5mm SE adapters.

I think many will find useful the collection of included EX Pack and Air Pack foam covers and various rubber rings, rubber wings, and earhooks.  You literally get a ton of solid and donut (with a cutout opening) foam covers in various colors, rubber rings to use instead of covers, and different size rubber wings to enhance the fit.  Plus, you get different size clear plastic earhooks with earbuds holder.  Our ears vary in shape and anatomy, and all these accessories help VE Sun earbuds to stay secure in your ears.  Plus, it’s very convenient to use multi-color covers for an easy ID of right/left side.  For example, I use red foam cover for Right side, and Blue for the left side.


Both Dice and Copper versions of VE Sun earbuds have identical horn-shaped design, with a metal vented shell (16.8mm in diameter), plastic vented front cover, and a short rubber strain-relief boot where the cable goes in.  There is a very faint L/R marking and L side has ID bump on a rubber boot so you can feel the left side.  But I would recommend using different color covers for an easier ID of left/right sides.  The shell/enclosure itself is all black, anodized, only with a thin exposed circle on the back to show the copper or aluminum material used.

Dice shell is made from aluminum material, while Copper uses corresponding copper material.  Furthermore, Dice y-split and plug have steel housing, while Copper y-split and plug use the matching copper.  The chin slider is a clear short piece of sliding rubbery tube.  Another difference is the cable itself.  While both use 1.2m copper cable with 4 braided conductors and clear transparent shielding, the copper material is different.  Dice uses 6N purity OFC copper, while Copper steps up to a more expensive higher quality LCC (long crystal copper) material.

Inside, both use the same large 15.4mm dynamic driver (N52+) with overall earbuds impedance of 180ohms and sensitivity of 109dB.  But just because the driver and the spec are the same, the sound will vary due to acoustic chamber material difference and contributing factor of different copper cables.  Personally, I try to avoid the topic of sound-science because some of the theories are based on speculation.  I trust my ears and keep the placebo effect in check, and treated Dice and Copper as two “black boxes”, analyzing their sound characteristics and comparing to each other in the next section of the review.

And last, but not least, you can wear VE Sun either with wire down or wire up.  I know, wire up with a cable over the ear is not a traditional way of wearing earbuds, but it adds extra security, and this particular horn-shaped design allows a comfortable wear either way.


Page 2 – Sound analysis & Comparison, Pair up, and Conclusion.

12 thoughts on “Venture Electronics VE Sun Dice & Copper

  1. Almost right to the nail for me…

    wish u have VE ZEN 2.0 also to compare.

    but again. I learn a lot from your review, especially the different material that being used for DICE and Copper…
    It really open some of the puzzle…

    Great job in reviewing this…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Noted.. well you might be have a point here. VE portfolios is confusing (prob for me), this can be, because I just enter this realm recently….

        Assuming ZOE and Zen 2.0 is a like, seem I read from your review, ZOE is warm and Copper is more brighter (with sense of spark in it)..
        I can get the image of it…
        Again TQ…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Good point since I used Dice in N3Pro review and in there preferred Dice in TR Tube mode. I just played Copper with UL vs TR, and in his pair up I like UL better. Copper has faster/tighter performance and switching to TR “slows” it down with notes having longer attack/decay, making it sound closer to Dice. So, Copper w/UL for me, adding more texture to the sound without compromising the speed and articulation.

      Liked by 2 people

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