CanJam NYC 2022

Final thoughts.

Especially with such an impressive turnout of people reaching the pre-pandemic level of attendance, this year CanJam NYC show definitely exceeded my expectations! It was great to see old friends and to meet new faces, and to catch up with people about what they have been up to in the last 2 years. It was also great to see a sigh of relief from many audiophiles since they no longer have to go through blind buys and can finally audition products on their wish list. And just like in previous years, the balance between desktop and portable products remained the same at the show where you will find more desktop gear and full-size headphones than DAPs and IEMs, with a lot of portable gear being at Musicteck tables. Without a doubt, next month CanJam SGP will be the other way around, with majority of products at the show being portable.

Attending CanJam is always a unique experience like no other, especially since physical audio gear shops in US are very rare. For me personally, there were not as many discoveries at the show since I’m quite familiar with a lot of the latest IEM and DAP releases which I already have in my possession for testing and reviewing. But it was still a pleasure to be able to talk about it with other audiophiles attending the CanJam who were in seventh heaven, finally being able to hear and to judge new audio gear with their own ears. Not gonna deny it, I was curious to hear some of the latest popular full-size headphones with properly matched desktop amps, to evaluate it from my own personal perspective, but the waiting lines were overwhelming, unless you come back for the 2nd day on Sunday.


After all this waiting, CanJam NYC 2022 was over in a blink of an eye. And with other Global CanJam shows just around the corner, I’m ready for upcoming impressions and reports from other Head-fiers to get me through the next 11 months while waiting for the February of 2023.

And last, but not least, a BIG Thank You to the CanJam Show producer, Ethan, and the entire Head-fi crew including Jude, Brian, Warren, Joe, and all the volunteers for bringing CanJam to us and giving the opportunity to enjoy this hobby to its full potential!


One thought on “CanJam NYC 2022

  1. Thank you very much for your comprehensive CanJam NYC report. I was so upsetted that I can’t attend this show in person. Your show report has filled me in, and I am looking forward to meet you next year.


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