Effect Audio Cleopatra cable

Sound Analysis.

In my opinion, cable doesn’t have a “sound” which you can describe by itself like IEMs in terms of lows, mids, treble. Cable is a medium that could shape up and fine-tune the sound signature or expand the soundstage perception, something you can describe relative to IEM under the test or relative to another cable you compare it to. What you hear is a synergy between 3 elements in the sound chain: the source, the cable, and IEMs. Thus, it’s easier to describe the sound when you replace one of these elements and note the change associated with it.

In this sound analysis I decided to give U18t sockets a break and used 64 Audio Trio with Lotoo’s LPGT and A&K SP1000 SS, playing a selection of the test tracks, such as Agnes Obel “The curse”, Sandro Cavazza “So much better” (Avicii remix), C-Bool “Never go away”, Ed Sheeran “Shape of you”, Galantis “Hunter”, Iggy Azalea “Black widow”, Indila “Boite en argent”, Robin Schultz “Oh child”, David Elias “Vision of her”, and Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana”.

More sound analysis details could be extrapolated from my Comparison/Pair up sections of the review but based on that testing I can also draw some common observations about Cleo performance. Right off the bat, this is not your typical Pure Silver cable, so don’t expect a brighter and more revealing fine tuning of your IEMs. This cable keeps tonality natural and smoother.

Relative to many basic stock cables and even some lower end premium cables, I do hear an improvement of soundstage perception. I mean, perception is a matter of a “perception”, but in every single pair up I’ve tried – the sound was wide and expanded, never limiting the full potential of IEM soundstage performance.

The effect of this cable in the low end was also consistent and a bit surprising since it doesn’t only offer more mid-bass impact, but also adds more rumble to the sound. I’m not just talking about going deeper and extending lower, but I’m actually hearing a little lift in sub-bass rumble which adds more analog flavor to the sound.

Also, with mids, I’m hearing a smoother and more natural finetuning of the tonality, especially noticeable in vocals. I wouldn’t say it’s warmer, but just sounds more natural, with less of a digital edge, while still remaining resolving and without loosing retrieval of details. Treble sounds natural as well, I don’t hear any changes associated with more spikes.

Keep in mind, this is all relative to IEM I’m testing with, so I’m describing the effect of the cable on the monitor signature. Of course, there will be some variations, but overall Cleo helped improve the low end extension and impact as well as keeping mids natural and detailed in many of my pair ups.



Consistent with my cable testing philosophy, I used the same IEM (Trio) and only changed one variable at a time to note the sound difference I hear while keeping volume matched. Keep in mind, I’m describing how these cables sound with 64 Audio Trio IEM.

EA Cleo vs EA Thor II+ – Cleo has more bass slam, both in terms of deeper sub-bass rumble and harder hissing mid-bass, while Thor has similar sub-bass extension with a bit less rumble and slightly more relaxed mid-bass. Mids have the most noticeable difference with Cleo being more organic, slightly warmer, and more soulful, while Thor mids are more transparent, brighter, and more forward. Cleo also has a more natural rendition of treble while Thor has a little more sparkle in high end. As a result of a little more bass impact and more natural mids, Cleo makes Trio sound slightly more v-shaped while Thor makes Trio sound a little more mid-forward. Also, Cleo expands soundstage wider.

EA Cleo vs EA Lionheart – In this comparison, two things stand out as the most noticeable difference. Cleo’s bass hits harder, especially the sub-bass rumble, warmer, thicker, more analog, while Lion has a decent sub-bass extension, but not as deep or impactful. Even mid-bass punches a touch harder in Cleo. Another noticeable difference is the soundstage expansion, with Cleo expanding wider, especially in mids. The rest sounds very similar, the same organic natural mids tonality, and well-controlled and well-defined treble. As a result of difference in bass, the mids/vocals in Cleo pulled slightly back while in Lion a little forward.

EA Cleo vs EA Leo II/Octa – I don’t have Leo II anymore only updated Octa version, so some of this comparison is by memory relative to a/b comparison with Octa. Both have a very similar expanded soundstage. With bass, Cleo is closer to Octa version of Leo II where you have more impact in low end, with Cleo subs being even a touch more elevated; mid-bass punch is the same. Regular Leo II version should have less bass impact. With mids, Cleo is a little warmer while Leo is a touch more revealing and slightly more forward in presentation. Treble sounds the same in both.


EA Cleo vs DITA Audio OSLO – with an exception of Cleo having a deeper and a little more elevated sub-bass rumble, these two are quite similar in soundstage expansion, mids tonality and presentation, and treble rendering. Go figure, pure silver vs copper, which only proves this is not your regular silver cable.

EA Cleo vs PlusSound Tri-Silver – Here, Cleo soundstage is a touch wider in comparison to Tri-Silver, but just by a touch. Bass quantity is higher and deeper in Cleo, with a noticeably deeper sub-bass extension and higher level of rumble and stronger mid-bass punch. Tri-Silver extends nicely as well, but it is not the same quantity. Mids are more organic and smoother with Cleo, while a little brighter, more revealing, and slightly more forward with Tri-Silver. Also, with treble Cleo is a little smoother and more natural, while Tri-Silver has a little more sparkle and airiness.

EA Cleo vs PWA 1960 2wire (4conductors) – Both have a very similar wide soundstage expansion. With bass, they also have a similar mid-bass punch, but Cleo sub-bass rumble goes deeper and has a higher quantity. Cleo mids are smoother and more natural, while 1960 are brighter and more revealing. The same with treble, Cleo is smoother and more natural, while still being well defined, and 1960 is brighter and crisper. In some poorly recorded tracks the treble with 1960 and Trio sounded harsher, while with Cleo is was more natural.


Page 3 – Pair up and Conclusion.

12 thoughts on “Effect Audio Cleopatra cable

  1. Twister, Good stuff as always, I mentioned on the Head forums that I liked Marcus take on this prior to your take on Cleo. It seem though he does not have the same take on the bass. I have the AK SP1000 and A18T, I need something with more bass, I have Lionheart and Eros II, do you think Cleo will provide me that additional bass that the other cables lack, thank you in advance and great review.


    1. Are you using M20 apex? That will bring more bass. And Cleo will fine tune bass further especially sub bass, as I hear it, but don’t expect it to work like eq. Btw, have you ever heard Trio, that one has nice bass slam, my 2nd favorite 64audio iem after U18t 😉


  2. This feels like an attack on my wallet with the Trio section 🙂

    2 questions…

    Any plans to review the 8wire version?
    When you say more forward mids, do you mean closer or more distant in the mix?

    (Please just ignore this post so I don’t buy another cable)


    1. I need to take a break from cable reviews 😀 But will continue featuring different pair ups in my IEM reviews… No plans for 8wire; mids are closer and more elevated, making sound more balanced, while the original cable makes mids a little more recessed in comparison.


  3. Hello
    What you think about compatibility of the Cleopatra with CA Solaris?
    My DAP is A&K SP1000M Gold.
    May be another cable you can recommend for this combination?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,


    1. I can’t say for sure until I try this pair up, but Cleo is 2pin only. I would have suggested Oslo as an alternative, but I did try Solaris with Oslo and didn’t like that pair up, read my Oslo review. For Solaris I went back to stock cable, but also keep in mind I don’t have too many mmcx cables.


  4. Nice review, just bought the Cleopatra, using it with my SE100 and Valkyries: absolutely love it! Still can’t get over the impact. In one fell swoop, it elevated my whole kit. I won’t rehash your observations, I agree with them, but man, this is one sweet cable! Expensive, but worth it. Seriously considering going back to Audio46 and exchanging it for the 8 wire version, would happily pay the restocking fee… See you at Canjam 2020!


    1. Per your reference to audio46, I assume you are going to CanJam NYC in 3wks? They will have a lot of different cables to try, and both audio46 and musicteck will be there.


      1. I’ll be there. I learned my lesson last year at Canjam, going to pace myself, I got burned out pretty quick. Plan on focusing on cables this year.
        As a side note; I’ve heard whispers of a new Empire Ears flagship, the Odin? Supposed to be Legend X but with electrostatic tweeters? Have you heard anything? Thanks!


      2. Uh, you are the one who has been trying to get me to listen to CL2 😀 Bring it to the show, I will be there on Saturday. Have no idea about EE stuff, will talk to Dean and Jack at the show.

        Liked by 1 person

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