Effect Audio Cleopatra cable

Pair up.

This pair-up section is going to be a little different. Due to a shorter time allocated from when I received the cable to its introduction at CanJam SGP, I will not go into comparison of stock vs Cleo, but rather share my quick impressions of how selected IEMs sound with Cleo.

64 Audio Fourte – holographic soundstage expansion; deep sub-bass rumble, softer more rounded mid-bass; closer to neutral lower mids, upper mids here are smoother and more natural, especially noticeable with vocals which sound more organic; treble is crisp but not harsh. The most noticeable change here is in a more natural tonality of mids and less fatigue lower treble.

64 Audio U18t – very wide soundstage; deep sub-bass rumble, tight punchy mid-bass; more neutral lower mids with a little extra body, natural detailed upper mids which are more balanced relative to bass and treble; crisp well defined non-fatigue treble. Bass gains more sub-bass rumble and overall signature is more balanced with mids/vocals sounding more natural.

Oriolus Mellianus – soundstage is wide and has some additional depth, extending further out of your head; bass is tight, very articulate, sounds a little faster and with stronger mid-bass punch in comparison to stock TWag v4 cable; lower mids have a neutral body while upper mids are a little more revealing and a touch brighter; treble is crisp and extended while still maintaining natural retrieval of details. The change in this pair up, relative to its stock pure silver TWag v4 cable, makes the sound tighter, faster, and with mids having some improvement in retrieval of details.

HiFiMAN RE2000 – soundstage is very wide; sub-bass extends deep, similar to a stock cable, while mids-bass is a little slow and not as well defined; lower mids have more body while upper mids are brighter and revealing with a presentation that pulls back, also mids are more recessed, sound lower in quantity relative to lows and highs; treble is crisp and a little spiky. Overall, the sound here is a lot more v-shaped due to mids being pulled back. Plus, I didn’t like the bass rendering here, not the best pair up in this case.

Empire Ears Legend X – wide soundstage; bass is on a whole new level, being not just deeper and hitting harder, but also going up in quantity with some serious analog slam that rattled my ears; lower mids are a little thicker, while upper mids are still natural and detailed; treble is crisp and well controlled, not too crisp. Here, Cleo takes LX to the next basshead level, making signature even more L-shaped. If you want to squeeze more bass out of LX, this does the trick.

Noble K10UA – wide soundstage with more out of your head extended depth; bass has a nice sub-bass rumble with a deep extension and the mid-bass punch is tight, but the quantity of bass is a little lower; mids are brighter and more revealing, even go up in quantity a little bit; treble is crisp and brighter than usual. I was a bit surprised with this pair up, didn’t expect mids to be more in your face and so much crisper. If you want more revealing details from upper mids/treble, this pair up with help you, but for me personally it was a bit on a harsher side.

64 Audio Trio – holographic soundstage expansion; deep extended sub-bass rumble with extra analog texture, softer mid-bass punch, but still with a good control; slightly north of neutral lower mids with a little extra body, and very natural detailed upper mids with a little lift in quantity; treble is crisp and has plenty of control. Really like this pair up which turned Trio into a more balanced and a more coherently tuned IEM.



As I mentioned in the intro, my curiosity about Cleo went up once I learned this new EA cable has Pure Silver wires, but in the back of my mind I was thinking they already got Thor II which should cover it. A thought even crossed my mind that maybe EA is planning to phase out Thor II in favor of Cleo. But after spending almost a week with this cable, I quickly realized there is room in EA product portfolio for both cables because they sound different! This is just another example of how we shouldn’t judge cables based on stereotypes associated with their material composition.

While I always say that cables shouldn’t change the sound drastically like an EQ, they certainly can play a role in fine-tuning of the sound. And that’s exactly what EA Cleopatra does, lifting sub-bass rumble and bringing more impact to the mid-bass, while also making mids/vocals sound more natural and detailed without making them too warm or thick. There are too many revealing brighter cables, while Cleopatra, along with Lionheart and Leonidas II, approaches the task of fine-tuning the sound from a different angle – making it more natural and smoother without compromising on retrieval of details or resolution. Interestingly enough, all these three (Lionheart, Cleopatra, and Leonidas II) belong to the same Heritage series, so perhaps it’s not a coincidence.

12 thoughts on “Effect Audio Cleopatra cable

  1. Twister, Good stuff as always, I mentioned on the Head forums that I liked Marcus take on this prior to your take on Cleo. It seem though he does not have the same take on the bass. I have the AK SP1000 and A18T, I need something with more bass, I have Lionheart and Eros II, do you think Cleo will provide me that additional bass that the other cables lack, thank you in advance and great review.


    1. Are you using M20 apex? That will bring more bass. And Cleo will fine tune bass further especially sub bass, as I hear it, but don’t expect it to work like eq. Btw, have you ever heard Trio, that one has nice bass slam, my 2nd favorite 64audio iem after U18t 😉


  2. This feels like an attack on my wallet with the Trio section 🙂

    2 questions…

    Any plans to review the 8wire version?
    When you say more forward mids, do you mean closer or more distant in the mix?

    (Please just ignore this post so I don’t buy another cable)


    1. I need to take a break from cable reviews 😀 But will continue featuring different pair ups in my IEM reviews… No plans for 8wire; mids are closer and more elevated, making sound more balanced, while the original cable makes mids a little more recessed in comparison.


  3. Hello
    What you think about compatibility of the Cleopatra with CA Solaris?
    My DAP is A&K SP1000M Gold.
    May be another cable you can recommend for this combination?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,


    1. I can’t say for sure until I try this pair up, but Cleo is 2pin only. I would have suggested Oslo as an alternative, but I did try Solaris with Oslo and didn’t like that pair up, read my Oslo review. For Solaris I went back to stock cable, but also keep in mind I don’t have too many mmcx cables.


  4. Nice review, just bought the Cleopatra, using it with my SE100 and Valkyries: absolutely love it! Still can’t get over the impact. In one fell swoop, it elevated my whole kit. I won’t rehash your observations, I agree with them, but man, this is one sweet cable! Expensive, but worth it. Seriously considering going back to Audio46 and exchanging it for the 8 wire version, would happily pay the restocking fee… See you at Canjam 2020!


    1. Per your reference to audio46, I assume you are going to CanJam NYC in 3wks? They will have a lot of different cables to try, and both audio46 and musicteck will be there.


      1. I’ll be there. I learned my lesson last year at Canjam, going to pace myself, I got burned out pretty quick. Plan on focusing on cables this year.
        As a side note; I’ve heard whispers of a new Empire Ears flagship, the Odin? Supposed to be Legend X but with electrostatic tweeters? Have you heard anything? Thanks!


      2. Uh, you are the one who has been trying to get me to listen to CL2 😀 Bring it to the show, I will be there on Saturday. Have no idea about EE stuff, will talk to Dean and Jack at the show.

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