Effect Audio GAEA

The Effect of Elysian state!

PROS: lightweight shells with a comfortable fit, beautiful faceplate design with stabilized wood material, textured deep bass, clear, detailed, transparent sound tuning, quality cable.

CONS: PEI connectors.

The product was loaned to me for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion.

Manufacturer:  Effect Audio.  Available for sale directly or authorized retailers like MusicTeck.


It’s not uncommon to see a collaboration between IEM and cable manufacturers where one chooses a specific cable to be packaged with their IEMs or uses a specific cable to tune their IEMs and then include it with a product.  But it is less common to see a true collaboration where both share resources and work together on the design and the tuning.  The latter one is an example of the latest collab between Effect Audio, a well-known premium cable manufacturer, and Elysian Acoustics Labs, makers of highly regarded Annihilator IEMs.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Earth, GAEA, I wasn’t surprised since Effect Audio likes to use Greek mythology names.  Though I couldn’t help but notice that last two letters happened to be EA, applicable to both Effect Audio and Elysian Acoustics which I think wasn’t a coincidence.  These IEMs made their debut at a recent CanJam SoCal, displayed by MusicTeck at their table.  Hearing a lot of positive feedback from the show, I asked Andrew (MT) if I can borrow it, and now ready to share what I found after spending a few weeks with Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustics Labs GAEA.

Unboxing and Accessories.

Since I received the final GAEA packaging after publishing the review, it’s time to update this section.  Keeping up with a theme of Goddess of Earth, that is the main image featured on the cover of the product box.  Under the cover, which wasn’t as easy to remove, you will find beautiful GAEA shells like a jewelry on display in velour lined foam cutout.  The cable was already attached.  After removing the top tray with IEMs, you will find a rectangular storage box and a set of accessories, such as a cleaning cloth, a cleaning tool, and a set of SpinFit eartips, their new W1 type.  These are all the essential useful accessories.

Of course, it makes sense for GAEA to arrive with EA cable, and to have the internal wiring by EA as well.  The cable is a hybrid which uses premium UC-OPP Copper litz and premium UP-OCC Silver Plated Copper litz wires.  You have a total of 4 conductors, each with a thicker 24 AWG gauge wires and EA Ultra Flexi insulation.  But the most important spec here is ConX modular connector with PEI connector included by default, giving you a chance to expand it with other connectors.  This way you can use GAEA cable with other IEMs by switching to 2pin, mmcx, or IPX.

The cable itself has wires with brown and blue jackets, probably corresponding to copper and silver plated copper.  The balanced headphone plug and y-split housing (with a retractable chin-slider) have a black hardware and swirling earthy-color insert to match the shells.  The IEM plug housing is also in black, with EA logo on outside and L/R marking on inside.


GAEA IEMs have a beautifully crafted compact size shells with a very comfortable fit.  They have a blueish/purpleish marble-like faceplate featuring stabilized wood (a mix of wood and resin).  EA logo is on the right side and Elysian Labs logo is on the left, with glossy piano-finish shells underneath.  The unit I received had logos in gold, while pictures on MusicTeck site show it in black (the final shell design).  Nozzle length is average with a lip to keep eartips secure from sliding off, and also 3 open bores at the tip.  Considering only one DD driver, while the rest are BAs, I was a bit surprised to find 2 plated vents, one by the connector and another one on the side of the shell aligned with a nozzle.  According to EA/Elysian, dual venting is part of the “…second generation of the DiVe Pass technology which eliminates reverberation of the back chamber and provides optimal pressure relief in the front chamber thus reducing driver-flex issues from diaphragm compression.”  And indeed, there was no driver flex.

The connector itself is not your traditional 2pin or mmcx, but rather an improved mmcx derivative called Pentaconn Ear Interchangeable (PEI) connector, marked red on the right shell.  Lee used PEI in his Annihilator and other IEMs.  It is more robust and more durable then mmcx.  Various IEM manufacturers have been trying to explore connectors outside of mmcx and 2pin, and I’m noticing more Linum IPX (T2) connectors being introduced lately.  Using PEI does limit the cable rolling unless you find an adapter.  But the good news, Effect Audio includes PEI as part of their ConX modular packaging thus you can use any of their other cables that have ConX.

As I already mentioned, this is a hybrid design, featuring single DD from Foster and quad BA drivers from Sonion.  According to GAEA product page, the internal 4-way crossover system is partitioned into 2BA high, BA mid-high, BA low-mid, and DD low drivers.  But considering 3 bores at the tip of the nozzle, I assume the drivers are grouped three ways with a more basic partitioning of DD lows, 2 BA mids, and 2 BA highs.  As far as the spec goes, impedance is 10 ohms and sensitivity is 102dB.

Page 2 – Sound analysis, Eartips, Comparison, and Conclusion.


8 thoughts on “Effect Audio GAEA

  1. First of all thank you for your detailed review, I think it is the first ever regarding GAEA: well done!.
    I have a few questions to ask which I hope you can / want to answer, since I am interested in the product but unfortunately I have no way to try it firsthand before a possible purchase.

    1) you have mentioned several times that the fit is comfortable, but you also said that your ear canal is large: I have medium-small ears and I am not comfortable with IEMs that have a large shell (ex. THIEAUDIO Monarch) or a not particularly ergonomic shape (ex. 7Hz Timeless). Do you think this GAEA will suit me?

    2) I mainly listen to pop (Italian, J-pop, K-pop, pop in general …), rock, electronic. A bit of classical and jazz, basically no metal and rap: from your review, it seems that GAEA can do for me … do you think there is better in this price range? (up to $ 1500 max)

    3) which do you think is better overall between GAEA and Elysian Diva? (if you have had the opportunity to try both) How do you see Diva for the kind of music I listen to? (highlighting advantages and disadvantages compared to GAEA)

    Thank you very much for the attention!
    Best regards. Piero from Italy


    1. I have no idea how Diva sounds so can’t comment on it. Regarding the music genres, it is rather subjective since we all have different preferences, but I think it should work for you. Also, I do have larger earcanal opening thus use big size eartips, but my ears are average size, maybe even a bit smaller than average, so I can’t handle large shells either. If you can tell me what other iems you have and if I have access to those, I can let you know how they compare.


      1. I am an absolute novice, I have recently approached the audiophile world (or at least I am trying to do so) so the gears I have owned so far are mostly not worth mentioning.

        Among them, the highest level IEMs I have had are the Timeless and the Moondrop Dusk: from the first I had to reluctantly part with it as the shell design caused me discomfort / pain after medium to prolonged use (my listening sessions are often long, even> 2h, while the second was really uncomfortable for me and didn’t even thrill me from a sound point of view.

        I have briefly tried a Monarch MKII but as mentioned the design / size doesn’t suit me. Currently, the best I have is the DUNU SA6, which I bought both because of the great reviews and the excellent fitting comfort (plus it’s beautiful!).
        My wish now would be to have an almost “endgame” IEMs (at least, endgame for my finances :)) but I have great difficulty in choosing because in Italy and particularly where I live it is impossible to find a shop / dealer where I can personally try the best products on the market … and of course I would like to avoid spending $ 1000 + for something that for one reason or another does not satisfy me.

        I’m really curious about a comparison between the GAEA and the Diva: in fact they are both tuned by Elysian and have a similar price. For the little info I have been able to find so far they both seem excellent and pd both could satisfy my musical needs.

        Il Diva has the huge problem of having to wait 4-6 months, which is absurd from a buyer’s point of view, although obviously I perfectly understand the difficulties of an artisan company and moreover where everything is done by one person. .

        If by any chance I could get you a Diva, I would be really interested in your comparison!


      2. Hey Twister! Thank you for the review. I’m very interested in the IEM, but have the exact same concerns as Piero. I previously had issues with the size of the Monarch’s shell (nozzle was fine) and had issues with the nozzle of the Dusk and Variations. Could you let me know how they compare in terms of size/comfort?
        Thank you so much!


      3. Sorry, missed your comment. I personally had no issue with these. Nozzle diameter is an average size, and the same with a shell. But you know how it is, fit is very subjective, even when you look at comparison pictures side by side. Sometimes an angle of the nozzle can make it or break it for your ears. Hope you can try these before you buy it.


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